Head above water

Who would’ve thought it would take a pandemic for me to start blogging again! So things are really quite fucked aren’t they… Being self employed is never exactly easy but not many things (the government) are helping right now!

So here are a few things I’m doing to keep some sort of semblance of a routine to try and keep my head above water.

Still setting a morning alarm

As a night owl I find it far too easy to slip back into my nocturnal ways from my old lifestyle of being a student and working in a bar. If that fits your current/pre pandemic lifestyle then you do you. However if you, like me, usually are productive during daylight, try and keep that routine in place so it doesn’t seem so jarring when regular life resumes.

Getting out of the house

I know, I know. Social distancing is necessary. I’m not saying to go hang out in a shopping centre or gather all your nearest and dearest for an illegal house rave. But believe it or not, you can actually go outside with minimum risk! Hannah and myself have planned some adventures to the seaside and a few local outdoorsy spots in the coming weeks.

Make a list of media to consume

I’m the absolute worst for just putting any old shite on TV ‘in the background’ when I’m mindlessly scrolling through social media. I decided to make a list of things I actually want to watch. On Netflix you can add things to your list which I’ve found useful in this current climate and of course you’ve got the old reliable notes app!

Consume other forms of media

If you usually watch TV, read a book. If you usually read a book, play a game. If you usually sit at your computer, learn a new craft. Mix it up!


Hear me out! I don’t mean start training for a marathon or anything, just a light bit of movement to boost and use your energy. Hannah and myself have challenged ourselves to learn a new TikTok dance every few nights which is both hilarious and healthy-ish!

Don’t force productivity

Let yourself relax, please! I’m finding it hard too, feeling at a loss of what to do, not feeling like a contributing member of society, feeling like you can always do more.

Stay in touch!

Don’t isolate mentally!!! Facetime your mum, Skype your granddad, send a funny video to your brother, send a postcard to your aunt. Keep communication open and flowing. The last thing any of us need right now are to feel alone, be there for them and let them be there for you.

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