It’s a nice day for a… goth wedding

I will not apologise for the title.

So I finally got to photograph a goth wedding! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the bride Laura for many many years so when Ash popped the question – two whole years ago – their message asking me to photograph the big day came soon after! It’s always an honour to be trusted to photograph a friend’s wedding, it’s a great deal more pressure but in the best way.

I’m still obsessed with the details; the vegan silver docs, the red and black colour scheme, the faux leather jacket, the black dress. Laura and Ash decorated both the ceremony room and the reception space of Guild Hall themselves and it showed, their personalities were spilled all over the place!

The ceremony was beautiful, it’s a wedding, duh. When you’re in the presence of true, accepting, wholehearted and beautiful love it’s overwhelming to experience. And as anyone who knows me, knows I cry at weddings regardless of who’s getting married. It could be my friends of years, family members or absolute strangers, I will still sob my little heart out.

I always find that pretty funny ’cause I’ve never been one for marriage personally, I think it’s lovely but if I were to ever get married it would 100% be in Vegas and performed by an Elvis impersonator!

I usually like to keep portrait sessions pretty quick due to the bride and groom being in such high demand on the day but when Laura and Ash told me they had set aside a whole hour and a half for our adventure around Queens Gardens I got a little over excited… I may or may not have become that photographer meme that lies down in puddles…

We were incredibly lucky to have the weather comply with our plans, it rained the whole day apart from the hour or so that we were outdoors, it was as if the planets did aline.

Any Hull native is familiar with the gorgeousness that is Queens Gardens, especially the iconic willow trees! So of course I chucked every member of the bridal party and the groom into said trees to create what are definitely some of my favourite photographs of my career.

The most important part of wedding photos for me is capturing the atmosphere. During the getting ready process I encapsulate the excitement, anticipation, even occasionally the stress… Obviously the ceremony is all about the love and family, and then the reception is where the party starts, get those personalities shining through!

Having the whole wedding in one venue is always a top notch idea – less travelling, more drinking! (and more time for photos…) This was my first time in Guild Hall and my goodness it did not disappoint. The ceilings were so ridiculously high, the regal vibes were severe and the windows and staircases my goodness!

“Couldn’t have asked for a more friendly, creative and talented photographer for my wedding! Gave us better photos than we could have dreamed of. 10/10.” – Laura

The incredible day was finished off with a good old ABBA medley with a sizeable dose of Queen alongside a vegan spread and everyone dancing the night away, it was a task to tear myself away to go home!

So if you’re looking for a wedding photographer who will put her heart and soul into your photographs, keep me in mind! You can contact me on Instagram, Facebook & email:!

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