Second-hand September

I’ve been harping on for the longest time about reducing my consumption of fast fashion so Second-hand September coming around was the best time for me to take the opportunity to finally put my money where my mouth is.

I’ve always tried to shop ethically but when Primark exists, that has its challenges. So I redownloaded the Depop app, hit the charity shops and delved through my already existing wardrobe to put three outfits together to celebrate second hand!

Shirt: British Red Cross £2.50
Dress: Cancer Research £3
Dr Martens: Chinese Laundry £20

Shopping vintage is just as kind to the environment as charity shopping, however it is not as kind to the bank balance.

My two favourite local vintage shops are Beasley’s and Chinese Laundry, it’s not often that I pop in and don’t find something I immediately want to bring home. I do actually have plans for a part two of this post when it gets a little colder, mainly to showcase my Chinese Laundry cropped sweater collection! And a few of the crackin’ jackets that I’ve picked up from chazzzza shops over the years.

Long sleeve: Beasley’s £25
Dr Martens: Chinese Laundry £20

I often make connections to clothes, which makes narrowing down my wardrobe very tricky, it feels like parting with memories in a way. Once something has been worn during a time in my life that has brought me joy, it’ll stay with me forever! The outfit I wore when I graduated, to my degree show, to my successful job interviews, weddings, birthdays, gigs…

The hand painted orange floral Dr Martens have been a staple in my wardrobe for a number of years. So, these docs have actually been part of my extensive shoedrobe since the tender age of 15, I wore them the first time I went to Spiders, to my first festival, to college, to uni… It’s weird to be sentimental over a pair of shoes innit but I just have that connection with docs, especially these ones!

T-Shirt: Chinese Laundry £12
Trousers: Depop £13
Dr Martens: Depop £30

So I hope this post has inspired some positive changes or maybe just some outfit ideas, either way it’s been so lovely getting back into the swing of fashion blogging again!

I’ve taken my angel sweetie Gabby under me wing and have been teaching her little bits and bobs about photography, we went out and shot the images from this post together and I’m very proud of what she accomplished! I’ll be uploading another post soon containing the images I shot of her. I can’t believe it’s been just over a year since the first time we shot together for her Sex Work Is Work images!

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