A year after graduating – Life update

So it’s been a whole ass year since I graduated. Well, a year and twenty-four days as I’m writing this, probably a lot longer by the time I’ve actually published it! (Yep whoops, it’s now September!)

July 2018

So let me see what’s happened since the fourth of July 2018…

August 2018

I enjoyed two whole months of graduate bliss, moving back into my parents’, catching up with friends and family and adjusting to life back in Hull. I got to focus a lot of my time and attention on my blog and YouTube which was amazing. Being able to put effort into creativity that wasn’t a university project for the first time in four years was so freeing but I started to crave routine and felt like I wasn’t contributing to society…

September 2018

Then September brought my first non-freelance photography job! It was only temporary being ten weeks long but the fact that my first job as a graduate was a photography one meant the world to me!

I’d spent five days at the end of August down in Banbury training for the job. It was the first time I’d driven so far and stayed in a hotel alone. 2017 Meg would’ve never been brave enough to do that! I got to travel the country meeting new people, learning new things, becoming more and more independent, saving money for my dream camera…

It was one of the most exhausting experiences of my life and could never have done it full time but I adored it.

October 2018

Then my favourite time of the year came rolling around, Autumn kicked off fantastically with my first ever ride on the big wheel at Hull fair!

I did my favourite photoshoot probably ever with Charley for my ‘There’s a Honey‘ post as well as accomplishing my favourite ever blog post series that I’m hoping to sequel before the end of the year!

November 2018

Since I’d done quite well with saving up from the school portraits job I made the decision to take off the end of November and December to focus on applying for jobs that I actually wanted rather than just anywhere that would take me. Which I do recognise is a very privileged thing to do, but I thought about it for a long while and came to the conclusion that it was the only time in my life I’d be able to do so, still living at home, paying the bare minimum when it came to bills etc, and it’s definitely a decision I don’t regret making.

AND I dyed my hair yellow!

December 2018

As 2018 drew to a close a lot of things started to change, I turned 24, my romantic relationship ended, I had no plans for my future, it all seemed to be going downhill. But at this point in my life I know myself very well, I knew my life was just making room for new things and experiences.

January 2019

The new year brought a new job… That I hated. But I had a plan!

Working in promotions was completely against my nature, approaching people was a very difficult thing to try to do for eight hours a day, five days a week and it really took it’s toll on me. Mentally and physically I was permanently exhausted for just under three months, which doesn’t seem like much time at all but when it’s constant it really doesn’t feel good.

But I took that job to get my foot in the door with the company, I knew the new studio was opening soon and I knew that already having my name in there would give me an advantage for when the job I had my eye on came about…

February 2019

February was a great month for my social life. I’d started dating for the first time ever after being a serial monogamist my whole life! I have some interesting Tinder stories now ahaha. I’d also spent Galentine’s in Leeds with Rosie, we went to a cat cafe and just had the most wholesome few days away. Making sure I was spending a lot of time with friends and family while I was going through a hard time with work really made the world of difference for me, they really kept my head above water!

March 2019

Then March brought another new job, that I ADORE, and that’s pretty much the running theme up until present day!

The foundation that I had built up with the company from working in promotions really did give me that leg-up I wanted. I applied for the photographer position online through Indeed but then made sure to send over a follow up e-mail containing my portfolio and a heartfelt cover letter, I needed my passion to come across! That’s what got me the interview.

On the day of the interview I was shitting my pants whilst simultaneously exuding confidence, my forte from growing up with anxiety but also being very sure of yourself apparently!

I sat in the reception that I’m now so familiar with, looking at the other applicants who’d also been invited to interview, smiling, asking questions, making my presence known. The interviewers already knew me by name which really did work in my favour, I already had a lot of knowledge about the company so breezed through the group round and was ready to charm the job right into my lap in the one on one interview. Which ofc I did, cause six months later I’m bossing it on the daily!!

April 2019

Imposter syndrome was very heavily present for a good few months. My rational mind knew I deserved the rewards I was reaping for all of my hard work. But as anyone who’s ever suffered with poor mental health knows, believing your rational mind is often difficult when the irrational mind has a much louder voice.

My mental health is currently the best it’s ever been, I’ve had a clear mind, a real smile, reasons to get out of bed every morning, amazing friends and incredible family. Imposter syndrome can get to fuck cause my life is amazing and I deserve every dawn of every day!

May 2019

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows in the land of Meg though of course. When your hobby becomes your job a lot of things change, I imagine bloggers go through something similar.

The things that used to take your mind off work, are work. What do I do to unwind now? I’m trying to make the time to blog and vlog again with the same energy and enthusiasm I had, I loved and still love doing those things and I want them to be more present in my life again.

June 2019

Okay so apparently I’m a proper grown up now? I pay council tax! I’m a twenty four year old laaaaady!!! *sang in the tune of Jenna Marbles* So on the tenth of June me and Hannah moved! (Watch some of the vlogs heeeeere)

So I got my independence back after being back at the parents’ for almost a year. However I do now have to deal with the bins and bugs without asking for help…

Money management has also been a fair amount trickier, especially as I’m really not good at it. I’ve always been terrible with money but I’m trying my best! I’ve blown through any savings I had, all my bank accounts are overdrawn by the end of some months and I’m definitely still a cheap skate but it’s all worth it to have my very own roof over my head. Aaaaaand obviously living with your best friend is the most fun in the land ever!!! It comes with its trials and tribulations but I couldn’t be happier.

July 2019

So yeah, that’s the past year and my face to accompany it! Reflecting on the past year has been therapeutic as fuck and has made me realise just how much I’ve accomplished.

University isn’t for everyone but if it wasn’t for what I’ve learnt and experienced while I was studying, there’s no way I’d be the confident badass lady I am now. I’ve got a lot to thank my uni experience for, but especially that.

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