Princess and The Pea, but make it pink

I can’t remember the last time I picked up my camera just for the fun of it. Not a hired job, not my day job, just because I had that need to be creative. Thankfully I have a willing live-in model angel for when that urge kicks in!

When your hobby turns into your job, it creates a weird dynamic in your head. The thing that used to be my escape became the thing I wanted that escape from. So what now? What kind of hobby do I invest in next? It’s very much millennial culture to turn hobbies into lucrative businesses, cross stitchers have Etsy pages, illustrators become tattooists, it’s easy to fall into that mindset of ‘if I’m good at this I should make money from it.’ But it’s also okay to let yourself enjoy something just for the fun of it! My dream has always been to make a living from doing what I love, photography, and now that dream has come true I’m so very happy but I do still need that escape and separation. Please throw any hobby suggestions my way in the comments!

My favourite thing about my job is doing boudoir shoots, spending one on one time with a person who is usually there to build their confidence. I’ve had clients hug me, cry with happiness, not believe the photos are them, it’s incredible knowing that you’ve positively helped change the way a person sees themselves. So that’s why I’m wanting to run a boudoir side hustle in the comfort of people’s own homes! The comfort level is already there as the client is in a familiar and safe space and the feedback I receive on the daily is always about how comfortable clients feel with me so fingers crossed that this venture will kick off!

So I thought I’d close off this post writing about one of the reasons I believe having nice photos of yourself is important…

Feeling comfortable and confident in your own body is beyond important. If your brain isn’t full of negative thoughts and feelings about the way you look, it has potential to be full of so many lovely things!!! Career goals, plans with friends, future holidays, gardening, the possibilities are endless!

So if you’re thinking about doing a confident boost shoot, drop me a message and we can have a natter x

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