Pink to make the boys… wince?

Sorry not sorry I guess? Pink has suddenly become my favourite colour to wear to compliment my yellow hair! I like to call the combo The Man Repeller

There has been a shitty tweet making the rounds recently, a list that some fuck wad made called ‘How to be a Beautiful Woman’. “What’s on this checklist?” I hear you cry! Well my loves, I shall tell you.

‘Be thin, be able to cook, have long hair, wear make-up, be feminine, be graceful, be sensual, shave (should without saying), be fashionable, wear pink and feminine colours, love men, listen to men. Stay classy ladies!’

Now, you may notice that he has mentioned wearing the colour pink in his list as being a thing that makes me beautiful, but you know what else? It’s one of the only boxes I tick on his bullshit list!

My hair is short, I’m not a size 6, I can’t cook for shit and I’m about as graceful as a cat licking it’s own balls.

And I don’t do any of these things to be ‘defiant’ or to ‘stick it to the man’, I do them ’cause I fucking want to. The fact that it has the potential to piss some twat off is just a bonus.

Now let’s actually talk about fashion, since that’s what I’m trying to do ‘ere; fashion blog. For me it’s so easy to slip into habits of hoodies and leggings in the Winter and early Spring months, and that ain’t a habit I’m about to break full time, but it’s nice to actually feel dressed when I’m out of the house!

People that lounge about the house in jeans are, in my opinion, crazy, leggings, joggers and pyjamas only pls! So feeling like I’m making some kind of an effort with my fashion does have positive effects on my mental health. ‘If ya look good, ya feel good’ is something I end up repeating to myself when I’m having a shitty day. It’s not always that easy, but sometimes just slapping on some makeup, shoving an ungodly amount of dry shampoo in my hair and popping on a nice outfit can change my entire mindset for the day, even if only for a few hours.

So yeah, the way I look most definitely isn’t to provoke anything in anyone other than myself.

Necklace: Regal Rose

Shirt: Primark

Belt: Primark

Jeans: Primark

Trainers: Converse from Office

Shoot location: Bankside Gallery, mural artists: Soz Mate & O.Man

Thank you as always to my ride or die Ashleigh for stroking my ego by taking my photos! She always gets Instagram fodder in return!


  • I had to reread that list when I came across it because I was like ‘This can’t honestly be real, right?’. It’s crazy that in today’s day and age there are still guys that are SO blind to reality that they believe such nonsense. I couldn’t be happier to say I don’t fit his insane list either.

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