Sunshine Girl

I got called Sunshine Girl a few weeks ago by Mumma Lynne, one of my best friends Alex’s mum, she is basically sunshine in human form so that little nickname brought me so much joy. Sunshine Girl is who I want to be, bringing warmth and light to myself and others, beaming with joy.

Having yellow hair has brought my groove back. It’s strange but it happens every time I change my hair, I feel more myself than I ever have.

I go through stagnant phases where I find no improvement or progress in my life and of course because I’m human, that makes me feel like a big ol’ pile of shite. And this is why *in my opinion* girls do things like dying their hair and cutting in a fringe. We get stagnant and need something pretty noticeable to change to provoke movement.

I wore this jumpsuit when I graduated, it makes me feel so fuckin’ powerful. It’s not a revelation that looking good on the outside has the potential to make you feel badass as fuck on the inside as well. The energy I’m wanting to bring into this year is strong, independent, responsible and just fun.

My fashion choices for 2019 will bring me joy, feel comfy and make me feel wonderful. And I shall refuse to settle for any less!

I’m making more of an effort with investing in pieces of clothing rather than buying my entire wardrobe from Primark, it make for a more considered purchase when something costs over a tenner. So far this year I have invested in three items of clothing, two of which are second hand from a vintage clothing store, that I’m very much looking forward to styling and photographing for blog posts over the coming months.

It may not be the same for everyone, but my clothes and the way I look, my hair, makeup, everything, definitely have an affect on my mental health. But things have certainly been on the up (in the bigger picture) as of late.

Jumpsuit: ASOS

Bag: Dune from TK Maxx

Heels: Primark

Necklace: My Name Necklace

Earrings: Regal Rose

In the past few months I’ve become the biggest ‘yes’ person, not only that but I’ve become the person that instigates plans rather than just letting my days go by like I used to. This conscious decision has strengthened my mental health beyond what I believed possible.

I was that flaky person who always bailed last minute or just plainly said no when asked to do anything ever, I never wanted to be that person but that’s who I was. I’m so proud of myself to say that life is behind me, I’ve become spontaneous and adventurous and I can honestly say I love my life because of that.

Here’s to a positive af 2019, trying new things, being responsible humans and having a fuck tonne of fun.


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