December Favourites 2018

So in December I turned 24 and it sucked. Birthdays are tricky for me but I’m slowly learning to lower my expectations. I have the love and support from my family and friends and that’s all that should matter. But the month has had some incredible highlights!

I finally got to see Enter Shikari! Not only that but I got to see them at Welly, a club where I used to work and I got to take my dad! They were supported by Milk Teeth who are now one of mine and my dad’s new favourites, and their merch is something else, gotta be starting a collection asap. Going to gigs with my dad is one of my favourite things to do and I’m so happy we got to see Shikari together.

Me and my dad with Milk Teeth

I always worry about Disney remakes/sequels/prequels but when Mumma and I went to go see Mary Poppins Returns I was very pleasantly surprised! Emily Blunt is one of those people that I have an irrational dislike for but she was practically perfect in every way (sorry, had to). The songs were wonderful, the perfect nod to the original without taking anything away from it or taking the piss at all. Wistful, nostalgic, beautiful. We loved it.

Walt Disney Studios

After years and years of meaning to go to the Middle Child panto, I finally went! Their production of Beauty and The Beast did not disappoint, I cry laughed, like actually cry laughed. I’m already excited to see what they’ve got in store for next Christmas.

Screenshot from Middle Child Website

So like the big child I am, I booked to go to a giant Nerf gun arena to celebrate turning 24. Hull Blast has unfortunately had to close down but we were the last party there, got the new all time high score on the target practice and the staff even joined in for a last hurrah. It was the most fun ever and I’m so grateful for having a happy memory from this birthday.

And of course the highlight of the month was Christmas. It was super low key and chill this year, which both myself and Mumma were concerned about but it’s turned out to be the best Christmas for years. I just adore my family, I’m so lucky, so HASHTAG BLESSED!

See you in 2019, thanks for sticking around for another year! xo

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