New Year Same Outfit

My blogging goal for 2018 was to create more fashion focused content, I suppose I lost sight of that for a little while but I have thoroughly enjoyed every single post of this year. It got me thinking about the start of the year when I published “Making Trends More ‘Me'” about this very jumpsuit.

I looked back on the photos and the way I styled it twelve months ago compared to the way I wear it now. It’s safe to say it’s become a staple piece in my wardrobe, it’s quite a statement piece despite being black but in saying that, it could probably be styled with anything! A coloured long sleeve underneath, a dressed down jacket, heels, flats, anything. Dressed up or down it has never failed me for any occasion.

Double star print fully worked in my favour when it came to styling this outfit, when I bought the mesh long sleeve I imagined it with this jumpsuit so I’m over the moon that it looks as good on me as I pictured in my head!

That’s why I lean towards it for things like New Year’s Eve and other festivities this time of year. Comfy, cute, classic. So for this new years I’ve teamed it with a couple more statement accessories to emphasise the festive glam.

I got this fluffy li’l circular bag for Christmas from my aunt, she always knows what weird shit I’d love, even if I’ve never considered purchases like them before. I’d have never bought a bag like this for myself but the gunmetal chain and lavender/pastel pink shade of the floof is just stunning.

My garlic bread necklace has become iconic to me, I bought it was a twenty-fourth birthday present to myself and I absolutely adore it. From afar it looks like any normal name style necklace, but oh no, it represents me better than my name ever could!

As a nod to January Meg I chose to wear the same sock/heel duo that I did at the start of 2018, a classic glitter/velvet combo that I’ve come to love. I actually own three pairs of heels in this exact style in varying colours and patterns due to how comfy and downright siiiick they are, and ridiculously affordable being from Primark at less than £15 a pair. They’re my automatic ‘go-to’ heels.

Jumpsuit: Miss Selfridge

Long Sleeve Mesh Top: Nasty Gal

Bag & socks: gifts

Heels: Primark

Necklace: My Name Necklace

Earrings: Regal Rose

I’ll be bringing in the new year with my best friends, feelin’ myself and looking forward to what 2019 has in store.

Thank you as always to Ashleigh for helping me shoot, I’ve had the best year creating content with you my babe. Ride or die always!

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