November Favourites 2018

November was my last month in my most recent self employed photography job, I’ve had the best few months travelling the country and nurturing my confidence and demeanour as a professional photographer and I cannot wait to see where I go from here after this experience. But one thing a lack of structured work has given me is freedom to experiment with my hair again! I haven’t dyed my hair an ‘unnatural’ colour in years (apart from that time it accidentally went red instead of ginger), and I’ve wanted yellow hair since the start of the year so when would a better occasion arise?! It’s only been about a week but I’m absolutely loving the sunshine hair, lemon ‘ed life. The funny looks I used to get from strangers in the street when I was 16 have returned, the stares make me feel young again!

Another ridiculously exciting thing that happened this month was buying my new camera. Now, this is a huge deal to me. I’ve wanted a full frame for the longest time and there was a part of me that believed I’d never be able to get one, they are very expensive and I’m really not a good saver when it comes to money. The money I earned from this job gave me so much more than just something to spend, I got to pay off some of my overdraft that I believed I’d be paying off into my forties and something to invest in my future and career with. I’m so proud that my first full frame camera was purchased with money I earned from a job that I got because of my degree. Full circle, proud as FUCK.

Bohemian Rhapsody was a fuckin’ belter weren’t it!!! My god I’m more in love with Rami Malek than I thought possible, what a BABE. Especially with the Freddie teeth. It was endearing, emotional, entertaining, all of the e’s! I’ve not stopped listening to Queen since, Radio Ga Ga, Killer Queen and Fat Bottomed Girls have been such ear worms since, and I ain’t mad about it! And can we just have a secon for the hair/makeup/costuming crew?! The actor who played Brian May was so ridiculously spot on that when I saw what he normally looks like I didn’t recognise him at all. I also adored the hilarity of having Michael Myers playing the ‘guy who lost Queen’ saying that nobody will ever head bang to Bohemian Rhapsody, fuckin’ WONDERFUL!

Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu is the book I wish I had at 14. The self discovery, the relationship with her mother, the budding feminism, it’s wonderful. Viv is the girl I wish I’d been during high school instead of being that girl who believed feminism was all man-hating, bra-burning, armpit-hair-growing crazy ladies. I had no relatable material for my age and I’m beyond happy to know that young girls now have literature like this to help educate them about the feminist movement.

Zine culture, fighting sexist dress codes, dealing with sexual assault, romantic and platonic relationships, friendships, girl gangs, putting the grrr into grrrl power, it’s everything I wish I was aware of earlier in my life. The note from the author at the end mentions tonnes of resources for intersectional feminists including, and which are some of my faaaaves.

I picked up this sleep shirt from Primark for £9, which is a little on the pricey side for them but 100% worth it! It’s the cosiest, warmest, cutest, comfiest bloody thing I have ever put on my body. I urge every single person in the land to get one of these bad boys before winter arrives!

Humber Street Gallery became my favourite gallery in Hull as soon as it opened, it’s a breath of fresh air to the city and always has the most interesting exhibits featuring incredible artists. Myself and Carys spent most of a Thursday there looking around all three levels at the Jamie Reid XXXXX Fifty Years of Subversion and The Spirit installation and taking part in the risograph workshop held by Ground Gallery. We made the coolest shit with the help from Zoe the printer (who was located in a fuckin’ teepee!!!!!), had some awesome conversations and saw some badass art, I just fuckin’ adore the place. The exhibit is on til the new year so definitely go check it out if you’re local!

I’m feelin’ festive as all owt, got lots to look forward to for December!!

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