All Smiles

I’ve noticed I’ve been smiling a lot more lately, about the little things especially. A lie in? Fuckin’ yes then! Cold can of Pepsi Max from the fridge? Chuffed as all out! Parking space right outside the shop? Day made!

Now I’m back to being a very un-busy freelancer, I’m putting extra effort into identifying the smaller aspects of life that make me happy. I’m also making sure my social life stays busy, the last thing I want is that loneliness setting back in and provoking a depressive episode.

Just because the weather has gone to shite, doesn’t mean adventure days have to stop. Going to the beach in the rain, cosy with badass waves to look at, blanket forts and watching movies, autumnal walks picking up pretty leaves, charity shopping, there’s all sorts to keep busy with! I just need to remind myself of that more frequently in the cold and soggy months.

What makes you happy? Incorporate it somehow into every single day. Woke up really loving the colour purple? Wear purple lipstick or eyeshadow, shoes or jumper, eat some purple food, paint something purple, smash that purple all over your day.

Being alone is something I have a love/hate relationship with, most of the time I adore my own company, being selfish and not having to consider what other people want to watch, listen to, eat, where they want to go or what they want to do. Every detail of my alone time is up to me, every decision I make has the opportunity to improve my day if I choose wisely.

But too much time alone sometimes leaves me feeling incapable of being considerate, my patience wears thin and I snap over silly little things that normally I wouldn’t bat an eyelid at. It’s important for humans to connect and bond and spend time together. A few days alone are good for the soul, but don’t forget to spend time with those you love, that make you laugh, that bring a smile to your face. Relying on friends and family from time to time doesn’t make you any less independent. Let people be there for you, let them love you, just do the same in return!

Top: Motel

Skirt: Primark

Shoes: eBay

Necklace: Shop Dixi

Rings: Bloody Mary Metal

Shooting with Pat has been the most fun recently, it’s great to share visions and ideas of how a photo will turn out and spending time with another photographer pal has reminded me of how much I miss hanging out with creatives. It’s also made me miss university a fuck tonne, gotta get those creative thoughts flowing freely again!

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