Give Yourself A Try

Through blogging I found myself, my style, my voice. And, I think, along the way I’ve lost myself again.

Blogging is for self expression, to be who you want to be and say what you want to say, those are the reasons I started writing and posting. It’s so easy to get caught up in stats and numbers when the community put so much emphasis and pressure on it.

Under 10k on Instagram? Not good enough. Only twenty people read your blog? You’re wasting your time. Less than a thousand subscribers on YouTube? What’s the point? 

Fucking enjoy yourself, give yourself a break, you do you. Write in your voice, photograph through your eyes, post because it makes you happy. The second blogging, YouTube, social media, any of it, gives me any grief, I’m not into it. I won’t post because I think ‘people expect me to’, I upload for me. When I have something to say or something to show. Realistically people won’t give a shit, and that fills me with relief, not disappointment!!!

So I’m gonna take my photos, write my shit, live my happy life. Doin’ things for me. Do things for you.

Literally my entire outfit is from Primark…

Thank you again Pat for shooting with me! I even let him edit these ones aha.

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