Interlude: Moving On

Let ’em spill their guts, ’cause one day they’re gonna slip on ’em.

Welcome to the third of four blog posts inspired by my favourite women of modern music. And if you haven’t already guessed… this one is inspired by the universally loved, the most relatable of all, our beloved Queen; Hayley Williams from Paramore.

My Life With Paramore could be the title of my autobiography, being a lifelong fan and growing up with a band wasn’t something I ever expected from myself. As a kid I listened to Green Day, Nirvana and Placebo, growing into and then out of my emo phase with Hawthorne Heights and My Chemical Romance (who are still my favs I love u MCR), into my indie phase with Arctic Monkeys and The Smiths, the pop/punk phase with Avril Lavigne and Fall Out Boy. All bands and artists that have released songs and even whole albums that I didn’t like, or songs that were short lived on my mix CD’s and playlists.

The one band that’s been the constant for me is Paramore. From 2005, that’s THIRTEEN YEARS of my twenty-three on this planet, I’ve adored them.

Suggested listening, not like anyone needs it because literally everyone in the world ever loves and adores Paramore and knows their entire discography;

All We Know Is Falling (2005); Pressure and Here We Go Again.

Riot (2007); For A Pessimist I’m Pretty Optimistic, That’s What You Get, Fences and Born For This.

Brand New Eyes (2009); Playing God and Where The Lines Overlap.

Paramore (2013); Grow Up, Anklebiters and Be Alone.

After Laughter (2017); Forgiveness, Fake Happy, Pool and Idle Worship.

Every album release I’ve felt so strongly about, had a connection with, cried and laughed with. Which is probably why the After Laughter era is hands down my favourite so far. Growing up with each evolution of Paramore is something I undoubtable share with millions of people, but I can guarantee we all feel special no matter how many of us feel the same way. Every time I’ve been to one of their gigs I’ve felt the same feeling radiating from every single person in the audience.

Okay now I’ve gushed about music feels for long enough, let’s talk fashion. Hayley the style ICON that we all know is pretty much an ambassador for checkerboard print anything by now, is 100% the influence behind the barrage of checkerboard that now fills my wardrobe.

Checkerboard life is the life for me. I get called a chef pretty much every time I leave the house but I always join in on the joke! When my gal Vee came to visit Hull for the day we went to one of my favourite chip-spice-coated-chip-places, and the cashier was beaming with joy over our chip shop worker witticisms. I do love the conversations that fashion provokes!

Comfort, colour and confidence. The three Cs that are required to be the most Hayley you can be!

Dungarees: Shein

Top: New Look

Trainers: Schuh

Bag: Primark

Jacket: Charity Shop

Any guesses for the finale?

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