Something To Tell You

Even though I tried, it was never enough for running in the same damn place.

Welcome to the second of four blog posts inspired by my favourite women of modern music. And if you haven’t already guessed… this one is inspired by the Haim sisters.

Forever from Days Are Gone (suggested listening; Forever, The Wire and If I Could Change Your Mind) was released late 2012 but I didn’t hop on board with my gals til around 2014 when they were featured on a movie soundtrack and even after a tonne of research I cannot for the life of me remember which film! But obviously when 2017 brought Something to Tell You (suggested listening; Nothing’s Wrong, Kept Me Crying and Found It in Silence) I was ready to consume.

Every time a Haim song graces my ears I just want to grow my hair, drive a convertible to the beach, drink a beer and run into the sea and then go dump a boy. I just adore everything about them and their music.

Haim are the trendy fuckin’ badass babes that I’ve always wanted to be when it comes to fashion. Seemingly effortless, minimal makeup, beachy hair and just looking fuckin’ cool. Layering and denim were the main two factors I knew had to be the starting points for my Haim inspired look.

There’s a vintage air to every outfit I’ve ever seen them in which is why I opted for my Black Sabbath tee, I did buy it brand new in 2017 when I went to their The End tour but from wear and tear it definitely has that coveted cracked vintage look most people want from their band merch.

My Autumnal British take on their ‘laid back California style’ obviously had to include a ‘leather’ jacket, a pair of light wash denim jeans and a statement pair of sunglasses. I read in a Vogue interview of theirs that they like to wear clothes that make them feel like the superhero versions of themselves as looking and feeling like their best self elevates their performance, and that is definitely something that relates to every day life for me. If I look bangin’, I feel great and that makes my day fantastic!

Girl power and family feels are two major vibes I get when listening to Haim and If I were to make three of my nearest and dearest form a band with me, cause let’s face it, I’d have to bribe them quite sufficiently to do so, my mumma and best gal Ashleigh would 100% be the Este and Alana to my Danielle.

Having close family ties is something I identify with so reading articles and watching interviews about Haim just fills my heart with joy. Having been a huge Fleetwood Mac fan most of my life, when I found out about all of their drama it broke me a little! So knowing happiness, comfort, confidence and love reside in Haim, it restores a little bit of faith for me in the music industry. Also, Stevie Nicks is like their best pal, how fuckin’ cool is that?!

Sunglasses: Primark

Top: Black Sabbath The End Tour

Jacket: Tesco

Jeans: Primark

Boots: Primark

Bag: Primark

I am freakinnnnn’ obsessed with the photos we took for this post, beyond proud of how well my padawan Ashleigh is getting at creating the exact image that I’d pictured in my head! With the help of my location scouting, actually setting up the camera and editing ofc, ahaha.

Vol. 3 next Friday, hedge your bets!


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