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Can you keep it together?

So here we are, kicking off my favourite season with a project I’m really proud of. My love of music is something I always wish I blogged about more. Here lies the first volume of combining my favourite things in the world; music, girl power, fashion and photography – welcome to the first of four blog posts inspired by my favourite women of modern music. And if you haven’t already guessed… this one is inspired by Becca Macintyre from Marmozets.

The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets (2014) suggested listening; Born Young and Free, Why Do You Hate Me?, Captivate You and Move Shake Hide.

Knowing What You Know Now (2017) suggested listening; Play, Major System Error, Like A Battery and Suffocation.

Like 80% of my favourite bands in the world, Marmozets were introduced to me by my dad. When it comes to music I fall fast and hard, become obsessed. Apparently to the point where I start dressing like their front women…

Myself and my dad, who is one of my best pals in the land ever, went to see Marmozets at Welly back in October last year and I went again in February this year, I could go every single month if it were possible. That’s how music is supposed to make you feel according to all of the poetic indie books and movies; like the scene in Perks of Being a Wallflower where they hear Heroes by David Bowie for the first time and feel infinite whilst driving in the dark.

I had that moment the first time I clapped eyes on Becca and the opening chords of Play struck my ears, then again with Move, Shake, Hide and again with Captivate You and again and again until they finished with the familiar Why Do You Hate Me? I made sure that the next time I saw them I knew every single word to scream along with Becca to.

I haven’t found any articles or posts that name Becca as a fashion icon, and I think that’s why I’m so drawn to her. The music speaks for itself without the glitz and glamour of stylists and outfits just for Instagram. Fashion and photography have become integral parts of the music industry. A good Instagram account makes the world of difference for fan engagement but I do think Becca is a little too rock’n’roll for that kinda stuff.

There’s a lot of musicians out there that I feel like I know because of social media, interviews, YouTube videos and that definitely plays a huge part in their success. Brendon Urie’s Buzzfeed interview with puppies? Iconic. Vogue’s 73 Questions with Lady Gaga? Iconic. Nick Jonas’ Wired Autocomplete interview? Iconic. Feeling like you know the people behind the music strengthens the appreciation.

I fuckin’ love Becca’s 7 of 30 interview with RockSound too, her posh accents always throws me off! She hates littering, loves chips, wants to retire by the sea, her dad throws spiders at her, watches The Secret Life of 4 & 5 Year Olds, she’s just a bit o’ me! I just wanna be her bestie tbh.

Trawling through Becca’s presence on the world wide web for outfit inspiration was easy peasy, I already had the exact outfit that I wanted to wear in mind. I picked up this zebra print button up shirt from Sainsbury’s to wear for work and teaming it with black skinny jeans and a good belt makes me feel the perfect amount of grungy, smart and rock’n’roll to pay hommage to our Becca Mac.

Shirt: Sainsbury’s

Belt: Primark

Jeans: Topshop

Boots: H&M

Any guesses for volume two?

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