September Favourites 2018

My god September has been the month I’ve been waiting for. Employed, productive, sleeping and eating relatively well, being sociable. And for the first time in a long time, properly happy! I have a lot to smile about, and here are some of those things…

On the 14th My Mind Makes Noises was released and my ears have not been without it ever since! It’s Pale Waves’ debut album and Matt Healy actually helped produce it which makes a lot of sense… There’s a Honey and Television Romance have been on my Spring Spotify playlist since their single releases and I’ve been hearing Eighteen non stop on the radio which makes my heart oh so very happy.

Photo found on Google by Niall Lea

And then on the 23rd I was lucky enough to grab tickets for their gig at Foundry in Sheffield! I also got to meet two of my bestest blogger babes; Kim from Sister Of The Moon and Emma from Little Owl Blogs!!!! Jazz and myself drove over to Sheffield, met up with the gals, got a drink and adventured around to find a good spot (which is hard when you’re a short arse) but we got a pretty good view! The two support acts King Nun and Swimming Girls were a fuckin’ ace surprise, I’d never heard of either of them before but now they’re firmly added to my Spotify playlist. My weekend vlog includes a good amount of clips from the gig so give it a watch! The show was incredible and obviously we picked up some merch which I am now permanently living in of course.

Photos from Jazz’s Twitter

So I got a new grown up job! If you’ve been keeping up with my vlogs you’ll know all about it but for those that don’t; I’m a school photographer! I’m an actual employed photographer!!! It’s a stressful and incredibly fast paced job with a lot of responsibility but I’m absolutely loving being a morning person and feeling like I’m contributing to society.

Another aspect of working full time that I’m loving is the fashion. Some days I’ll just chuck on and old thing but because I’ve built up a little capsule work wardrobe, I feel like a business babe no matter what! I’m planning on filming a ‘what I wear in a week for work’ video, I love making fashion and styling videos and since my whole life revolves around work right now I’m super excited.

My baby brother turned 21! My over six foot tiny baby little brother Beebs is a whole ass adult. He goes to work, comes home to his very own house and lovely girlfriend, and yet I still bought him dinosaur themed presents including a ‘walk your own dino’, as well as a giant jelly poop emoji sweet! I vlogged him opening all his presents and our lovely Moz rendition of Happy Birthday.

Ashleigh took me on a gal pal date to see A Simple Favour and it was everything I was hoping for and more. The trailers were fuckin’ excellent and usually movie trailers just show the only best bits in the film so when you actually go and spend the time watching the whole thing, you’ve already seen all the best bits! But that certainly was not the case with A Simple Favour! Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively are a match made in heaven, two of my favourite actresses of all time and I was hoping the movie would have a lot of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liar feels, which is does to a degree but with a more mature twist. And as soon as I found out it’s actually based on a book I’ve been on the hunt on the hunt for it, although I know all of the twists and turns it’s just made me want to read it even more! I’m one of those weirdos that loooves spoilers!

Photo from SONiC on Google

Photographing weddings will always be one of my favourite things to do on this Earth. My editing style is getting better and better every time and I’m ridiculously proud of how the Laycock wedding turned out. I’m not a religious person by any means but there’s something about a church ceremony that just gets me all emotional, people who have a spiritual connection with the (wo)man upstairs have a certain air about them. And this bride in particular I’ve known for an incredibly long time, seeing her married with her two adorable children is so wonderful.

Thank you September, here’s to October being the spooky dream we all need it to be!

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