Motivatedly Challenged, Creatively Speaking

I am a horror for getting in my own way. Not using my time effectively, putting off easy jobs until they become difficult, making mountains out of molehills.

I’ve written a lot about personal demons, mental health issues and not feeling good enough. A lot of those feelings changed when I started work but I can’t help but remind myself that it’s only temporary and that all of those demons will come back to me when it ends in a few months.

Every time I smile, celebrate my successes, spend a little bit of money, the fleeting happiness is followed by a whole lotta guilt. Creatives don’t often have job or financial security and it’s a scary way to live.

We are strong, we are resilient, we are determined. Our lives will be fun of challenges, adventures and triumphs. Our highs will be the highest and our lows will be the lowest, but it’ll never be dull, we’ll never be bored. The life of a creative is not the easiest, but it’s fucking incredible.

I stay inspired and motivated because of the blogs I read, the YouTube videos I watch, the Instagram posts I like, the comments I get, the conversations I have. There’s no magic remedy of going for a jog, drinking five litres of water and sacrificing a banana to Hades, although some parts of that sounds fun, it ain’t it.

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Being a photographer is a tricky one, everyone with an iPhone thinks they can do your job. Technology has come a long, amazing way but those auto settings will never replace the eye of a photographer. Your phone doesn’t have emotion, your camera doesn’t have a clue, they need a human being with a trained eye to instruct them to do their job. Reminding myself of this is an important part of staying motivated, as far as technology can advance, it will never replace me. Little mantras and reminders about hope and happiness play a part in pulling me out of moods of despair.

Being a creative is hard, it’s so fuckin’ hard. But we have to stick together, support each other and share our stories and tips on both sides of the spectrum. Celebrate successes and support disappointments, always.

A huge thank you to Jess from HeartShapedBones for taking these magic pixie pics for me!

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