Ports of call for your gallery wall

I one hundred per cent overthought the idea of my gallery wall. So much so that it took me months to begin to put it up. I’ve been collecting art and frames for so long that it seemed like a huge event in my head, I built it up so much that I was afraid of disappointing myself. Over a gallery wall… What a fanny!

So I guess tip number one is:


I’ve mentioned a couple of times in past posts and videos on my YouTube channel about my print and frame collections but I don’t think I’ve ever gone into much detail about my taste and preference. I have an eye for the peculiar when it comes to frames. I source them from charity shops, supermarkets, Depop, eBay, most shops to be honest!

There’s a beautiful wood shop in the centre of the town I live in, I’ve gotten three of my most favourite frames from there and the guy that works there is a genius. Not quite the bargain I’m usually looking for but I’m all for supporting an independent business when I can afford to do so and the frames in question I will keep for a lifetime. One of them is still in it’s box years later because I’m genuinely saving it for if I ever get married to put a wedding photo in!

It’s strange to think of art and frames as investments but I firmly believe that the way you decorate your space says a lot about your personality, and I think mine reflects me to a T!

Tip number two:


Practice different layouts on your floor or bed before committing to any nails in the wall! A wall full of holes is most certainly not the goal. If it’s a few millimetres off from perfect and you want to move it along, you won’t be able to get it right so make sure you’re happy before knocking that nail in.

If you’re a perfectionist it’s definitely worth marking out where the frame starts and ends, as well as where the nail will be going into the wall. It’s always worth trying out command strips (velcro) if you live in a rented place with a short contract or your frames aren’t very heavy but as mine are and I won’t be moving them any time soon, it’s hammer and nails for me!

Tip number three:


Grab a helping hand if you can! A second opinion and an extra pair of hands is such a time saver and super helpful. My lovely mumma gave me a lot of help with popping my frames up, there’s only so many things you can hold in two hands and with measuring, marking, hammering and hanging to do, it’s much easier with some help.

Tip number four:


Frames can be just as interesting as the art! Ornate, gaudy, garish, that’s a bit o’me that is. I wanted to make sure that the frames compliment or contrast with each other in my arrangement which is why I suggest you build around the first frame and go from there. The first one always takes the longest but once it’s up the rest will fall into place super quickly.

Tip number five:


Group together similar works or decide to disperse them, important decision! I decided to group my three Rocky Horror prints together and place two other Oh Gosh Cindy prints (Wednesday Addams and Cher from Clueless) next to each other too. But with my Mab Graves pieces (little gold frames) I wanted them to fill in small gaps between the bigger frames.

When you have a couple of prints from the same artists or around the same theme, I like the idea of them being assembled together but they can look too clustered so it’s worth trying out a few layouts!

Tip number six:


I hope this helped! The photos in this post are screenshots from a vlog on my YouTube channel, feel free to watch it here to see my gallery wall pop up before your very eyes!


  • I love your wall! i should be moving into a new room before the year is over and redecorating is something i can’t wait for

    • You’re gonna have so much fun with it! I’ve been doing mine up for months and it’s still one of my favourite things to do!

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