Sex Work Is Work

So my pals, this is slightly different to my usual content but today’s post is, as the title suggests, about sex work.

And to start us off I’d like to pop in this wonderful and insightful quote my angel Jazz left on Paige’s Curious Cat account, who also happens to be one of the best fuckin’ artists in Hull!

“For years women have been shamed for the way that they look. For the way that they dress. They have been blamed for what happened to them because of the length of their skirt, or how they were batting their eyelashes or how much they exposed their body on the internet. Their sexuality and their confidence have been used like weapons against them for something that was the fault of no one other than the perpetrator. This stems from a society so ingrained in degrading women who dare take control of their sexuality, that how could that bad thing have ever been prevented when she always came across so slaggy. It’s horrific that we live in a society where women are STILL dragging their sisters down for taking control of something that should never be anyone else’s but theirs. For having a say in what they do with their body. How dare we cut down those brave enough to stand up and say “this body is mine and so is this choice”. I’m appalled by any woman that says otherwise, and hiding behind anonymity to slag off women defending their rights as human fucking beings to do with their body as they choose is cowardly and creates no debate. I am happy to fight anyone on this issue, because I want my kids to grow up in a world where they’re not told to “put something else on” out of fear of being degraded, touched, or abused. Jazz xo”

So, this is Gabby, we’ve been planning this shoot for quite a while and it just so happened to have fallen on the day after quite the Facebook scandal.

Somebody I had a high opinion of posted something surprisingly closed minded about sex workers being ‘desperate’, ‘rancid’ and ’embarrassing’. And of course, being me, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut (or in this case, my fingers still). Apparently me standing up for sex workers also means I must be a vegan! I took to Instagram stories and Twitter, posting screenshots (with identities hidden out of respect) to gage a reaction from like-minded people instead of the people from the opposing argument on the aforementioned status.

Unsurprisingly every response I got from my own social media was in full support of sex workers and complete surprise that a fellow woman posted such a degrading series of opinions. I respect everyone’s right to express their thoughts and feelings, but I also use my rights of expressing my reaction to them.

Actively disagreeing with and seeming to be offended by sex work based purely on the opinion that the consumers for that market are ‘perverts’ is, in my opinion, deluded. Chances are, every guy you know watches porn. Your boyfriend, best friend, family, everyone. The majority of people are sexually active and therefore have the drive towards things of a sexual nature, people consensually send nudes to each other all the time so what’s the difference making a living from it? These gals are smart business women!

The majority of replies I got on my Twitter mentioned how sex is very much an in demand market, and they’re all completely correct.

A list of things sex workers still deserve as, you know, they’re fucking human beings.

  1. Respect
  2. Safety
  3. Privacy

A list of things sex workers don’t deserve, because they’re still fucking human.

  1. Discrimination
  2. Punishment
  3. Degradation

We live in a society where social media is rife with horny humans sliding into each others’ DMs in search for naked photos, so what’s wrong with boss ass babes like Gabby selling them? (P.s. The answer is not a fucking thing.)

If you don’t benefit from the sex industry in any way, feel free to spout your negativity about it, it’s likely nobody will pay attention, but go for it.

However, if you are a wanking hypocrite, holding your dick with one hand and pointing fingers with the other, get to fuck. Your opinion is invalid. Do one.

I’ll be the first to admit that I used to be one of those closed-minded people who thought nudity lacked self respect, but I’ve grown, flourished, educated myself and become a better person through doing so.

A negative social media experience has united a lot of local girls together to keep fighting the good fight for sex workers rights. I am proud of every friend I have. Especially in this instance, so to Gabby, Jazz and Paige, love, light and power to my gals. And to every other girl pioneering this movement, a sex worker or those that show support.

All photos by me ofc, you can find Gabby here, here and here & the sex work is work t-shirt is available here!

I am beyond proud of how these turned out. We had the best time, spicy meatball wigs 4eva. x



  • Totally agree with every single point you’ve made here! I still remember my mum saying to me once when I was about 16, “you know, I think sex work is quite a noble profession.” And she’s not the most liberal of women! Even SHE gets it! Sex work is work and we should totally support that. Very smart business women indeed.

    Kimberley //

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