Hold Onto Hope (If You Got It)

Don’t let it go, for nobody. – 26, Hayley the wise (2017).

Let’s talk about rejection. Professional, personal, romantic, emotional, physical. Rejection is difficult to deal with, and I seem to be facing a lot of it recently.

Going from a position where everyone’s telling you ‘the world is your oyster’, to finding every oyster empty – no pearls to be seen. Pretty much every graduate feels that way, but knowing that doesn’t make it much easier to cope with.

Being hopeful and holding on to the positives in life are what’s keeping me going, every ‘yes’ helps heal every ‘no’.

Fluffy clouds, dressing gowns, Yorkshire puddings, sunsets, daisies and sunflowers, singing in the car, bubble baths, museums, bees, fizzy peaches, soft blankets, family photos, fresh bedding, rainbows, hugs, reading, naps, stars, the seaside. All those things make it worthwhile for me.

One smile a day is enough. No matter what caused it, one smile is all it takes.

Rejection is one of the worst feelings, there are no positives. ‘One door closes and another one opens’, bullshit. It’s a nice sentiment to lean on, but it’s rarely true. Doors keep closing, and closing, slamming in your face.

You make your own luck, you create your own destiny, the choices you make are what takes you where you’re going. Don’t let graft culture fuck you over, don’t fuck yourself over. That’s the only advice I could ever give anyone. Let yourself enjoy the small things, and let them be enough for you.

And as the song goes; ‘reality will break your heart, survival will not be the hardest part, it’s keeping your hopes alive’. Holding on to hope seems impossible in times of rejection, but better things are always coming, always.

Gremlins vest: H&M

Fishnet long sleeve: Hell Bunny

Shorts: Primark

Boots: ASOS

What makes you happy?

Snaps n smiles by my babe Ashleigh x



  • I actually cried when I read your list of favourite things because I’m currently sat in a blanket on a gorgeous Saturday morning with a coffee, some happy small business mail, reading one of my favourite blogs. I faced a lot of rejection too when I left uni but you’re such a positive & wonderful individual that I know you’ll find something special soon 🙂 x x
    Ellis // http://www.elliswoolley.co.uk

    • Small things keep the days coming! Thank you so much for your kind words my love xxx

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