Slow Down

I hate graft culture. I hate it. I want to work hard, but I also want to sleep, eat, be social and have time for hobbies. Graft culture is making it so we can’t achieve our dreams without killing ourselves for it.

‘If you want it bad enough, you’ll work for it.’

Yeah, I will work for it. But I won’t be sacrificing every other thing in my life for it.

Being a freelance photographer is all I’ve ever wanted in terms of a career. I’ve studied for eight or so years to make sure that I’m prepared for a career in photography, I’m constantly improving my editing style, researching new methods and ideas as well as being versatile in my practices.

I shoot weddings, portraits, events, products, political and social projects, I try my hand at everything that interests me.

My personal mental health issues reside mostly in the ‘outside is bad, home is good’ kinda realm. ‘Safe’ and familiar spaces are the most important factor in my feeling comfortable, productive and able to work to my full potential without anxiety putting a halt to everything.

The anomaly in my pattern is the beach. No matter which beach I’m at, as long as there’s some water and some pebbles or sand, I’m immediately comfortable, relaxed, happy. I think I could do any job if it were situated at the seaside, admin, bar work, marketing, waitressing…

Feeling valued, appreciated and considered are pretty much the only things I’m looking for in a job, and that ridiculously seems far-fetched. Anyone would expect those things from an employer, wouldn’t they?

There aren’t many things I wouldn’t do to achieve my dream job, but sacrificing my sanity, happiness and peace is something I won’t be doing.

It’s becoming tradition to include mine and Ashleigh’s selfies in my blog posts now, so here we are being adorable seaside beans!

Fingers crossed this mindset won’t leave me unemployed forever!


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