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As we all know, bitches love murals… Bitches being me. I love murals. So obviously Bankside Gallery has immediately become one of my favourite things about Hull. So let’s talk about some local shit that I love and why shopping locally is so important!

So before diving into the shopping side of this post, let’s talk about the culture. Hull winning their City of Culture bid in 2017 was one of the best things that has happened for our city. Finally getting some recognition for our art and music scenes gave everyone that boost I think we all needed!

Art by No Hone.

All the photos in this post were shot at Bankside and their gallery is snowballing into something phenomenal. They’ve recently gained permission to art up TEN derelict houses in their first outreach project, it’s from 10am til 4pm on the 28th and 29th of this month and there’ll be live art and live music!

The music scene in Hull definitely shaped me into the kind of person I am, from going to baby Welly at 13, Ringside, Blue Lamp and Fruit at 16, Welly and Spiders at 18, clubs are only a fraction of what the city has to offer.

Freedom Festival and Humber Street Sesh are my two favourite weekends of the year! A fuck tonne of amazing musicians, banging street food, live art around every corner, plenty of places to get a beverage and so many quirky surprises. They’re the days I love Hull the most, and that’s saying something coming from Hull’s biggest cheerleader.

Art by No Hone.

Another one of my most favourite ways to support my local everything is shopping! Especially in local cult classics Beasley’s and Chinese Laundry. Beasley’s has been open for thirty years and is situated in one of my favourite parts of Hull, Hepworth Arcade. They stock new and retro vintage clothing, Dr Martens, Cheap Monday, Dickies, and a tonne of vintage American stuff like jerseys and cowboy boots! And their yellow carrier bags are ICONIC.

Chinese Laundry was the place I bought my first pair of Docs, bright orange with hand-painted flowers all over. Abbie the seamstress breathes new life into vintage clothes, reworking them into fuckin’ awesome pieces, camo jackets cropped and frayed, turning tartan shirts into dresses, denim shirts with new collars, she’s a genius. 100% Meg approved and recommended for your next trip to the ‘It’s Not Shit Anymore’ Hull.

Art by Joe Public.

One of the benefits I see from shopping locally being a sort-of local business owner, is having the want to support other local businesses, building relationships and rapport with others in the community to raise each other up and celebrate victories together. Chain companies support other chain companies, they’re not personally invested in bettering their community like small business owners are.

Getting to know the people behind the shop fronts and Instagram accounts is a personal investment, building a connection. You cheer each other on through successes and support each other through hardships. Even from a customer viewpoint, it’s important to love, appreciate, sustain the parts of your city that make it different to every other.

Art – Left: Right: Mr Joe.

Pick up your morning coffee from a cafe around the corner rather than from Starbucks, choosing your next piece of jewellery from the town’s jeweller, buying a dress from an independent retailer rather than Primark, it may be a drop in the ocean to you, but it’s an investment into your city, the uniqueness stays preserved.

To a big ass company, you don’t matter, your money does, there’s no concern that they’ll lose your custom. But to an independent retailer, you matter. Every single customer matters. If I shopped in Primark and they had a dress that I wanted but it didn’t quite fit right, they wouldn’t care. I can tell you who did care, Beasley’s.

A good few years ago I tried on this pair of dungarees that I LOVED but they were full length and I knew I’d get much more wear out of them if they were shorts. The sales assistant/seamstress immediately offered to alter them, did it there and then and I walked out less than half an hour later with my beautiful new dungarees, and I think of that moment every time I wear them.

I thought I’d include a little list of fun stuff to do in Hull to round off this Hull loving post, just in case any of you lovely lot fancy a day out!

  • The Deep
  • Humber Bridge
  • The Marina
  • Humber Street
  • Humber Street Gallery
  • Ferens
  • McCoy’s
  • Cult Cinema Sunday

Sunglasses – Topshop

Top – Something Entirely Different

Belt – Primark

Trousers – Millie’s Handmade

Sandals – Primark

And here are a few bonus cute snaps of me and Ashleigh being adorable! We actually shot every single photograph from this post on her phone, maybe smart phone photography isn’t so bad, who’d have thought!

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