Scrolling through the #AverageGirlSize hashtag on Twitter and Instagram fills my heart with joy, photo after photo of confident girls embracing their bodies. Lucy Jane Wood has spoken to the hearts of thousands by speaking about her insecurities and uniting all us average babes during the sweatiest summer of our lives.

Having a role model that’s an age similar to your own is a strange feeling, but when that role model stands for achievable goals such as being happy, comfortable and cool.

She has articulated every thought and feeling I’ve had since being an in between sized gal and finally having that understanding of myself and the opportunity to connect with other people who are feeling the same way is amazing.

Not only have women like Lucy helped me feel at home in my body because of my average size, but they’ve helped me embrace my paleness, fluffy peach fuzz on my face, wonky teeth and thin lips, to name a small selection of my insecurities.

Wearing fitted clothes is still relatively nerve wracking for me since being cursed with the mountainous chest means I’ve always dressed in oversized and baggy clothing. I may look like a twenty-three year old toddler but I know I look cute, tummy roll and all!

There are over a thousand posts on the hashtag on Instagram that was only created around the 20th of June, that’s less than a month ago! Which just proves how much this community was needed by girls like me.

So thank you Lucy, and every other average sized girl who is starting to love themselves, for making this shitty part of life a little easier.

Top – Primark

Dungarees – Beasleys

Sandals – Primark

All photos by my babe Ashleigh!


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