I Didn’t Fall!

On the 4th July 2018, I fuckin’ graduated…

I had the whole hoard of Moz’s aboard for the journey, mum, dad, Billy, Stephen, nans and granddad, and I couldn’t possibly be more grateful for their presence. My family have given me their unwavering support and love for my whole life, including the four long years it took me to complete my undergrad.

I tried my best to narrow down the amount of photographs in this post but it was just the best day, full of proud family, excited friends and the air full of potential!

Being able to sit with two of my best babes, Rachel and Laura helped me calm my nerves an unspeakable amount. I did have two panic attacks on the day, but they looked after me so well and I cannot express how lucky I feel to have made such incredible friends.

My university career hasn’t really been ‘by the book’. For those of you who don’t know; I started out my undergrad as a combined student, studying both photography and criminology. I did two years of combined studies and, looking at my transcript, transferring to single honours was the best decision I ever made. I went from scraping 40% to getting first, after first, after first.

My self improvement is the thing I’m most proud of, especially seeing it reflecting in my grades. For the first two years I barely left the house, my attendance was definitely lower than 30%, my grades barely hit 40%, some lecturers didn’t even know my name. By third year I was making my lecturers cry with pride, creating bodies of work that mean something and leaving the house with a smile on my face.

Now before I start to sob my little heart out, let’s talk about my outfit… I felt SO COOL. Jumpsuits were most certainly the garment of choice for a lot of my fellow graduating babes but everyone looked so different, unique and definitely perfect for themselves. My gals Lauren and Laura were both also wearing jumpsuits but none of us even slightly looked similar!

We also need a moment for the shoes, of course they had to be yellow and Primark always come through with the comfiest and cutest heels. I picked them up the day before and this was the first time I wore them, I had them on from 7am til I took them off at the beach at around 2pm and I didn’t have any discomfort and there are no blisters to be seen!

Jumpsuit: ASOS, £30

Shoes: Primark, £14

Getting a watch as a graduation gift has become a tradition in my family. My mum got her graduation watch 25 years ago and still wears it to this day, so I knew I needed to go for something timeless but still ‘me’. I didn’t want Michael Kors, I didn’t want Rotary, I didn’t want Gucci, no DKNY, no Armani, no Ted Baker.

I was considering Vivienne Westwood, because, let’s get real, she’s an ICON. But leather isn’t my thing, no ma’am, and I wasn’t feeling the chain straps either. Too expensive and flashy for me!

And then Olivia Burton enters my crosshairs; delicate, elegant, interesting, PERFECT. I’ve only ever owned children’s watches due to my teeny tiny baby wrists, so finding a face that didn’t swallow my wrist and a strap that didn’t just slide right over my hand was like finding a needle in a haystack. BUT I FOUND THAT NEEDLE!!! And, in true Meg style, I found that needle on sale.

And because I’m me, I just had to escape with my cape for a beach adventure! My mum drew this adorable message in the sand and my dad spent the rest of our time at the beach decorating it with pebbles, feathers and seaweed, my brother dug a massive hole, Stephen was looking for crabs. And I, of course, ran full steam ahead straight into the water.

So that’s it I guess! Your local ‘mate with a Canon’ AND A DEGREE!



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