Gaudy Girly

The gaudy bitch has become my new persona, anything that clashes loudly is all I want to be in at the moment! I still can’t believe I actually bought this jumper…

I really couldn’t help myself when I saw it hanging there on the sale rail, I was shopping with Gemma and just couldn’t walk away without at least trying it on. Blue sequins, pink embroidered flames, flute sleeves, raw hem, who was I to deny myself and my wardrobe from this stunning horror show of a jumper?!

Looking back on these pictures I definitely took the colour and pattern clashing a little too far! Sequins, flames, checks AND red leopard print? Fuckin’ ‘ell Meg man. I’ll definitely be going for more subtle footwear next time I style this look.

Sunglasses – Topshop

Jumper – H&M

Skirt – Shein

Boots – ASOS

I love shooting with Gemma, we always have such a fun time, we did swiftly hide from the sun in Wetherspoons immediately after!

These are some of my favourite shots from this year so far, what d’ya reckon; a beautiful disaster or a hot mess?

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