May Favourites 2018

I’m not gonna lie, May has been tough. But here are the things that have made me smile…

I ordered from Shein for the first time ever, and bought a fair few checkerboard bits! I thought these dungarees would make me feel like I looked like a chef, but I fell head over heels for them. I unboxed and tried on my order which you can watch here!

My favourite thing that happened in May was getting my new tattoo! Instead of getting into it here, if you fancy a nosey, here’s the story.

Miracle by Chvrches became my shower anthem this month. Lauren Mayberry is currently making headlines with her stunning smack down on a bullshit album review, hearing artists stick up for their work is so refreshing and this song is beautiful on every level.

Vanity Fair’s YouTube channel has given me a good giggle recently, Gerard Butler’s Scottish slang, Bad Moms Fear Box and Troian Bellisario reacting to evil twins were my personal favourites!

Desperate Housewives has kept me sane during this month of constant and unrelenting uni work. I’ve smashed through seven and a half seasons in a matter of weeks and I’ll probably have finished the entire series by the time this post goes live! Lynette is my absolute favourite, I adore that woman. Who’s your favourite?!

And my zines arrived! It’s approximately 21 days until the opening night of my exhibition and I cannot wait! Seeing my ideas come into fruition is crazy, I’m so proud of myself.

June will be the month I finish university after my final exhibition and move back to Hull! I’m terrified beyond belief but I can’t wait to be back home with everyone I love.

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