Cry; Might As Well

Cry very softly,

cry very loud,

cry all pissed off-ly,

cry cause you’re proud


cry in the night time

cry in the day,

cry if they leave

and cry if they stay


cry on the buses,

cry up the trains,

cry when it’s sunny,

cry when it rains


cry for fuck all

and cry for a reason,

cry over spilled milk,

cry cause it’s pleasin’


cry for a minute,

cry for an hour,

cry in the desert,

cry in the shower


cry over people,

cry over pets,

cry without aim,

cry to win bets


cry when you’re drunk,

cry when you’re sober,

cry when it’s May,

cry til October


cry out your eyes

and cry out your nose,

cry with your shoulders,

cry on your toes


cry til you scream

and cry til you yell,

life gave you tear ducts,

cry; might as well.

Crying Poem by RubyETC.

In December 2017, one of the brightest shining stars in my life bought me a present. Now, she’s thoughtful, considerate, kind, but I don’t believe she could predict just how much this present would mean to me.

We all know I’m the biggest cry baby in the land, anything sets me off; anger, sadness, happiness, hunger, sleepiness, running out of crisps, the weather, having to say goodbye. I’ve had to say goodbye a lot over the past four years and the only reason it seemed any easier was because I learnt how to harden my face when I was bawling inside.

It took me a long time to realise that crying isn’t a weakness, it’s not pain leaving the body, it’s not any of the cliches. My vulnerability makes me understanding, sympathetic, compassionate, empathetic and those are all strong traits that I’m proud to have. These tattoos represent my strength.

A more detailed experience and explanation will be going up on my YouTube channel next Friday!


  • This was such a touching poem, funny in places then kind of serious the next and it really hit home. I’m a big crier too and have always been branded as ‘too sensitive’ or ‘too emotional’ but after what you’ve said, it’s so true that this trait we have is special and just means we’re extremely compassionate people 🙂 x x
    Ellis //

    • We are compassionate and wonderful and not scared to show our emotions!!! Love ya babe xoxo

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