Braving The Blue Jean

I’M WEARING BLUE FUCKING JEANS! Is it just me or are blue jeans horrendously difficult to style?

I’m not gonna lie, this outfit was really out of my comfort zone, I have no idea why I felt so strange. Don’t get me wrong, I love the outfit, that’s why I put it together and plonked each piece on my body! I’ve been so bold with my fashion choices this year that I didn’t think anything could make me feel apprehensive, especially since I started blogging. 

Of course I had to go down the 90s route to ease my apprehension of the blue jean. In my dreams I’d have resembled Monica or Rachel from Friends, but that’s never quite how it pans out really is it.

Moving my hair into a middle parting was a lazy move. I’m getting rather bored of my hair and the easiest 90s grunge hairstyle I could think of, was the middle parting. And for some reason (that reason is my laziness), it’s still present in my life!

By the end of this super fun shoot all the yucky awkward feelings about how I looked had vanished. Gemma who took my photos is one of my best friends from uni, she graduated last year but thankfully we’ve managed to stay in touch and catch up occasionally. She’s so lovely and funny, I always have the best time with her. Being photographed by someone you feel comfortable with always ends up with the best results, one of the many reasons I’m so friendly with my own clients!

Jeans: Primark

Jacket: Zara


Shoes: Vans

I always feel like I’ve achieved something when I have a good day in an outfit that would normally make me feel uncomfortable, like I’m becoming a proper adult!

All photographs shot by Gemma and edited by yours truly.


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