April Favourites 2018

April has been the most difficult and rewarding month of 2018 so far. I spent the first half of the month glued to my sewing machine making props for my degree show shoots and the second half in distress because I’m graduating in less than three months!!! So here are a few favourite things this month brought my way.

At the very start of April this li’l angel came to visit me in Hull. A weekend with Jess was exactly what I needed, a happy, fun, creative weekend with a gal who is just a bit’o me! Two ginger Yorkshire gals bombing about, shooting photos, chatting shit, brainstorming ideas, the dream really innit.

Gangsta by Tune Yards has been stuck on a loop in my head ALL MONTH! My parents went to see Tune Yards recently and I keep hearing it around, it’ll be on the radio, my dad will play it in the car when we’re driving, mum will have it on the creepy google thing that you talk to in the kitchen, so of course it became an earworm and pretty much my April anthem!

My 90s grunge dreams came true when I found these blue jeans in Primark for a mere £15. My next blog post will be all about these beauties featuring a lot of #bitcheslovemurals photos, so keep yer peepers open for that!

I couldn’t have gotten through this month without Jazz and Carys, my wholesome li’l mushrooms. I can’t wait until all three of us are in Hull at the same time again, Easter was not long enough!

I could write a book of poetry about how much I love these gals, about how wonderful and infectious their smiles are, how pure their hearts are and how supportive, encouraging, understanding and uplifting they are. I hope they’ll be in my life forever.

As you may or may not know, one of my most favourite humans alive is my babe Rosie, who just so happens to work for Urban Decay! Rosie treats me gooooood and I’ve been using the Urban Decay Petite Heat pallette almost every day this month, it’s so perfect I couldn’t imagine needing the full size!

As much as I love Shane Dawson‘s conspiracy videos, his new series has blown me away! Raising a baby for a day, switching lives with a blind person, confronting his dad, ghost hunting adventures (that I can only watch during the day or with the lights on), facing his fears and bringing happiness to everyone around him. I cannot wait to see what he’s been working on recently, two new series’ with over twenty hours of footage for them to create with! I can’t wait to see where Shane’s career takes him.

Here’s to May, fingers crossed for better Instagram engagement and lots of smiles!

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