Pretending To Be A Real Blogger With Old English Co.

Look at me pretending to be a real proper blogger! Shooting for Old English Co. has been the creative process I’ve needed to get myself out of my ‘university work only’ mindset. Self portraits are up there with my favourite photographic techniques simply because I’m in complete control of every aspect.

‘Everything is better in pyjamas’, I love a good mug that speaks the truth. This mug is made from enamel which makes a nice change from the usual ceramic kind. I haven’t quite decided whether to use this mug to drink from or as a decorative piece of storage for makeup brushes or stationery, but it’s definitely too beautiful to be kept hidden away in a cupboard!

So let’s talk about this flag shall we! This entire blog post is rather minimalistic, which is usually the polar opposite of my taste. However, I am obsessed with this flag. I’ve been looking for a Scandinavian style flag for a while and as soon as I saw this one, I fell in love.

It was really hard to choose which word/phrase to go for out of the selection available, and this ‘yay’ one was probably the least traditional blogger piece but I just adore it. It was the first piece I chose from Old English Co. and it’ll be going pride of place in the bedroom of wherever Stephen and myself end up living in summer! 

A positive message and an honest truth! Pins are something I’m dying to collect but as a skint student, my collection is pretty small but all the better for having these two in it. I’m certainly a member of the no sleep gang and I’m happy to have a pin that represents my insomniac ways!

‘It’s okay’ is something I repeat to myself and those around me quite often. I struggle with my mental health a lot and one of my mantras to keep me grounded is ‘it’s okay’. It’s okay to feel negative feelings, think negative thoughts, act negative actions, as long as it’s not forever. It’s okay to not be okay.

And of course I had to let my mumma have a browse and choose a few bits! I would have loved to have treated her to a tea towel as she is quite the tea towel connoisseur, but she definitely has far too many so I thought a bread board would do the trick nicely.

I hung it up on the wall to take this image and after I showed my mum, I’m pretty sure next time I go home it’ll be back up there!

My parents recently renovated the kitchen after seventeen years of beige and pine to this brand spanking new, shiny, glittery, modern, black and white with grey and peacock green walls! My parents work harder than anyone I’ve ever met and seeing them all happy and proud in their new kitchen is wonderful.

Look at how happy she is with her coaster and bread board, she makes my heart smile for a mile!

Ooooft I do love a bit of homeware!

*Flag, mug, pins, coaster & bread board all gifted by Old English Prints Co.


    • She’s honestly just the best human ahah, she’d absolutely adore you too!
      Ooo what did you get?! I properly love their stuff 😍

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