I’ve Never Met A Leopard Print That I Didn’t Like

Well that’s not necessarily true… I’ve not always possessed this penchant for leopard print, it’s a rather recent obsession! I used to associate leopard print with bad Hollyoaks costuming, chavs and the elderly, I actively disliked it.

I’ve chosen to style three different items of leopard print clothing and the first is this pair of cigarette trousers. I paired them with a black t-shirt that features the subtle embroidery of a pair of pink eyelashes, with the bottom tied in a knot. I tie t-shirts rather than tucking them in so to avoid bunching, and it makes it soooo much easier and more convenient for when one must wee!

I’m rather obsessed with the combination of leopard print and my ginger hair. Perhaps when I had black hair in my pre-blogger days I thought it too much effort to style leopard print without instantly going to the rockabilly genre, which is absolutely stunning, but a little too expensive and time consuming for a lazy gal like me.

Outfit Details

Top: Primark. Trousers: Missguided. Shoes: Vans.

Imagine if Debby Harry was a Barbie, she’d be wearing a dress similar to this don’t ya think?

I feel so glam rock in this outfit that I couldn’t care less about my tummy! I think somehow leopard print manages to make my chest look smaller, I can’t quite figure out how but it really does…

Outfit Details

Dress: Missguided x Barbie. Boots: Dr Martens x Lazy Oaf. Sunglasses: Topshop.

I wanted to feel like Bettie Page when I was on my hunt for a leopard print shirt to tie into a crop, but I can’t help but think I look more of a Pat Butcher? However I do love the fit of this shirt as it minimises my chest so well!

This outfit was my immediate go-to last Summer and I’ll certainly be wearing it to death for many Summers to come. I remember taking my first ever #bitcheslovemurals photo wearing this exact outfit before going to see Paramore in Manchester in June 2017 and feeling amazing.

Outfit Details

Shirt: Charity shop. Shorts: Zara. Belt: Primark. Necklace: Shop Dixi. Shoes: Vans. Sunglasses: Topshop.

Is leopard print timeless? A trend here to stay for Spring/Summer? Or should it have been left out in the cold with Winter? Let me know what you think!


  • I loveeee leopard print but I honestly always have such a hard time styling it without feeling like I look ridiculous. You’ve pulled it off so well though and I’m living for the tied-up shirt!!

    With love, Vee xo

    • You could soooo rock the leopard print my gal 😍 thank you angel face, lots of love ✨

    • My mickey shorts are my love of my life 😍 it’ll come in time my angel, I used to only ever wear baggy black clothes because I was so uncomfortable in my own skin but now I’m a fuckin crazy rainbow bitch 😂😘

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