W7 Beauty Dupes with Princes Quay | Blazin’

Here I go again waffling about W7! In this post I want to talk about dupes, the pros and cons and the such.

Other words for ‘dupe’ lead people to believe that it’s a very negative word. ‘Deceive, trick, hoodwink, hoax, swindle, defraud, cheat, double-cross, mislead, fool, delude, misguide, lead on, seduce, ensnare, entrap’ to name a few!

In my opinion, there are varying levels of okay when it comes to dupes. I feel that the most common are fashion dupes of designer brands and beauty dupes from high end to the drugstore. Being mis-sold something you believed to be genuine and it turned out to be a dupe, that’s beyond wanky but if it’s fully disclosed I believe it can be permissible.

Knocking off a small independent business is 100% unforgivable. Seeing artists lose out on sales because bigger brands have stolen their designs is heartbreaking. So why is it that I can forgive beauty dupes when I feel so strongly about artists getting ripped off?

Makeup is seen as more of an essential than art of clothing, and I honestly have absolutely no idea why. I go the majority of the week without wearing any makeup at all, so why do I feel morally okay buying a dupe of an eyeshadow pallette just to save money?

Is it because the big brands don’t need my money anyway? Is it because blogging has made me feel like I need these beauty products that have a cult like following? I’m in absolutely no place financially to be able to afford the Urban Decay Naked Heat pallette or any of the other original brands that I’ve featured/will be featuring in this dupe series. But even if I could afford them, would I buy them when I know that affordable versions are just as good?

I have so many questions but almost no answers! I feel very conflicted on this topic but not enough to stop buying them. W7 is a fantastic brand that I have all the support in the world for, they’re cruelty free and have a tonne of vegan products too, why would I not buy their pallette?!

For me, getting ‘the look’ for less is the way forward. I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts about dupe shopping but it was difficult to find many about beauty products, I was inundated with fashion posts and rip-offs and the such. I think a lot of people feel the same way I do about makeup dupes, it’s a tricky one!

Rest of my face: Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation in 1.0. Primark Instagirl iridescent highlight. MUA, Bronzed Perfection Matte in Sunset Tan. Freedom Duo Powder in Caramel Brown. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. Lime Crime Velvetine in Buffy.

What are your opinions on dupes? Do you think it’s ripping off the original brand or do you think they’re a saviour for beauty bargain hunters?

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