February Favourites 2018

February has been a weird one! My motivation for uni peaked and then fell rather dramatically, but my highlights were; Stephen came up for the weekend for our early valentine’s, myself and my gal Kat had a long weekend in Hull and my lovely pal Lauren volunteered to come up to Sunderland to model for my uni work.

You can catch up with my weekend vlogs here!


Our early valentine’s adventure to see Marmozets & Queen Zee on the 9th was just incredible, maybe one month in 2018 Marmozets won’t be in my monthly favourites?! Hearing Suffocation and Major System Error live again made my heart so happy. Apparently I’m a fangirl now!

I’d never heard of Queen Zee (formerly Queen Zee and The Sasstones) before but I immediately fell in love with them, their music and everything they stand for. Porno has become my favourite song to sing in the shower and I’m completely head over heels in love with the keyboard player, Ashley Hate.


I finally picked up the coveted £4 Primark belt, it’s thought of as a Gucci dupe. I’ve been after a subtle statement belt to go with my mom jeans ever since I bought them, my outfits will forevermore be complete!


I binged Everything Sucks on Netflix in one day when my friend Lauren came to stay and I already want to watch the same ten episodes over again. It’s like a mixture of Stranger Things, American Pie and Freaks and Geeks and I am liiiiiving for it! Season two better hurry its ass up.


I don’t like to spend over £10 on anything at all, ever, but I just couldn’t help myself when this Missguided faux leather star print skirt went into the sale for £21. You can read my blog post about this OOTD here.


‘Drink About You’ by Kate Nash is gonna be my Spring/Summer anthem. I’ve been besotted by Kate Nash’s music since 2007 when I memorised every word of ‘Mariella’ (without making any mistakes) and perfected my rendition of ‘Dickhead’ to sing to my brother.

‘Drink About You’ gives me the same pop feeling I got when Paramore released ‘Hard Times’, nostalgic but grown-up. I love it!


I’ve been living in these Primark tartan trousers, can you believe they were only £10?! They’re the comfiest thing in the land, stretchy like leggings but smart looking like trousers. The dream!

How was your February?



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