Be My Valentine?

I keep reading the title of this post in the tune of Feed My Frankenstein by Alice Cooper…

Personally I’ve never had a problem with Valentine’s day, but I haven’t particularly celebrated it either.

Stephen and myself never know when we’re going to be able to spend time together and I don’t think we’ve ever managed to spend the 14th of February together but every year we’ve managed to arrange something nice to do together around this lovin’ time of year!

This year he came up to Sunderland because we got tickets to see Marmozets in Newcastle, which we were both really excited about. We’re not the type of couple who like to go for fancy dinners but that’s okay. But people who do like to do that, that’s also okay!

Celebrating love doesn’t have a mould, it doesn’t mean a bouquet of red roses, a piece of sparkly jewellery and a teddy bear for everybody. I understand those that are anti-Valentine’s in the name of consumerism sucking, but we don’t have to buy into that if we don’t want to!

And that’s why I’ve chosen to create two Valentine’s inspired makeup looks. Both pro-love, one dedicated to those independent souls whose hearts belong to themselves, and one for myself and those like me, loved up cuties who want to bask in the warmth of St Valentine (kind of…) with their favourite human.

These looks were inspired by all of the creators, artists and beautiful humans who I admire. I hold so much love in varying forms for all of these people.

So here’s to Robyn, from Midnight and Lace, who created her anti-valentines makeup look in solidarity with all the single gals out there who don’t need romantic love to be happy.

To Jess, from Heart Shaped Bones, who’s learning to be independent again and becoming stronger every moment.

To Carys, the smartest, most wholesome and thoughtful person I have ever known.

To Ashleigh, who has been my rock, my best friend, my soul gal since I was a lost teenager. She is on a new path, allowing herself to be vulnerable and I love her so much more for it.


Brows: Freedom Duo Powder in Caramel Brown.

Eyes: Primark Peach pallette, Lime Crime venus pallette, NYX matte liquid liner, Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, Superdrug lashes in 204.

Face: Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation in 1.0, Primark Instagirl iridescent highlight.

Lips: Lime Crime Perlees in Charmed.

Hearts: Lime Crime Velvetines in Riot.

And this one is for my girls who are in relationships but don’t let that define them, I’m so happy for you and I love you relentlessly.

For Maria, who’s makeup looks ALMOST ON THE DAILY take my breath away.

For Ellis, who’s determination and selflessness make everyone (especially me) fall in love with her spirit.

For Sammie, who is a bad-ass momma, mental health warrior and is pursuing her dreams no matter what or how long it takes.

For Paige from Held Together By Pins, who never fails to see the kindness in others and is hands down the most fashionable babe I’ve ever had the pleasure of pointing my eyes at.

For Rosie, who is single handedly responsible for the small amount of makeup skill I possess, my best friend and a strong willed angel.

For Kim from Sister Of The Moon, who’s face I can’t bare to go a day without seeing on my screen.

And for my mumma, Louise, who’s relationship with my dad is the reason I believe in love and relationship with herself is the reason I know how to love myself.

I am aware that my makeup skills aren’t those of a makeup artist but I’ve had so much fun creating these looks to share the love with all of the girlies who deserve it. None of you have gone unnoticed, if I included the name of every person in my life that deserves a little love this would be the longest blog post in the land.

I do try to go out of my way to share appreciation, give compliments and show support but I wanted to put a li’l more effort in around this time of year!

So happy Valentine’s my gals, you’re all bad-asses, I admire you always.

Brows: Freedom Duo Powder in Caramel Brown.

Eyes: NYX Ultimate Brights pallette, Urban Decay pallette (so ancient that it doesn’t have a name!) NYX matte liquid liner, Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, Superdrug lashes in 204.

Face: Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation in 1.0, Primark Instagirl iridescent highlight, MUA Bronzed Perfection Matte in Sunset Tan.

Lips: Lime Crime Velvetines in Jinx and Mercury.

Hearts: Lime Crime Velvetines in Jinx.


What do you think about Valentine’s Day?


  • I love this post and love these makeup looks 💕 I especially love the color of your highlight. As for Valentine’s Day…eh, I can take or leave it. Celebrating can be fun but I usually get too stressed out about it 😅

    • Thank you so much Amanda! Try not to get too stressed about it this year girly, it’s just a day! xx

  • I just kind of don’t care for Valentine’s Day? I’ve been anti it in the past but now I’m just like “do whatever makes you happy”… what others do isn’t any of my business?

    I prefer the second look personally – but probably because it’s more wearable. I love Love Love your eyebrows 🙂 also, MARMOZETS are such a great band so enjoy!

    Much love xxx

    • I had the best time, the supporting band were incredible too!
      I totally share your views on Valentine’s Day, each to their own.
      Thank you so much, my eyebrows appreciate the love! xxx

  • Girl thank you so much for including me in this wee post, your makeup looks beautiful m’love!


    • You’re welcome angel, more than deserved! Thank youuu xx

  • I’m the same as you – never exactly hated Valentine’s but never exactly celebrated it either. For me I just like to focus it on the people I love – just like you’ve done here! I love your dedications, such a positive, uplifting idea – plus I’ve discovered a tonne of new bloggers so thank you!

    As for the look you’ve created, I LOVE it! Especially the metallic lips, sooo cool!

    Sinéad xo Fabuleuse Du Jour

    Sinéad xo Fabuleuse Du Jour

    • That’s so lovely to hear! Thank you so much 💖💖💖

  • I loved this post!!!! I legit was reading, saw my name and started crying! I love you Meg <333333 |

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