January Favourites 2018

January has been the happy and motivated start to 2018 that I’ve dreamt of every new year. I haven’t burnt through my student loan just yet, I’m smiling (almost) every day and my wardrobe is more colourful than ever.

I handed in my dissertation! 29 pages, 4,279 words and minimal meltdowns later, it’s done! It may not seem like much compared to other dissertations but if you’re mentally comparing that; you’re an asshole. I’m proud as fuuuuck of myself and I can honestly say I love what I’ve written.

I went to see Paramore for the fourth time! The first time I ever saw Paramore was in 2007, I can’t quite believe how I still resonate with their songs going eleven years strong. Myself and my beautiful girly Leah (who just so happens to be my brothers girlfriend!) went to Manchester on the 19th to see our beloved Hayley, Zac and Taylor at Manchester Arena and sang, danced and cried our li’l hearts out.

For Christmas my auntie Ruth and Mark got tickets for True Grit Wrestling for Stephen and myself!! We were looking forward to it for soooo long and it did not disappoint in any way, it was so much fun. The talent was there, the audience were hyped, the street fight was INSANE. We loved every minute and can’t wait to go back in the near future.

Ashleigh bought me the I Heart Makeup, Gold Chocolate Bar Palette for my birthday and I’ve worn it almost every day since! It’s not something that I’d have picked up for myself but I love the colours, the formula, the gaudy but fabulous packaging, everything.

I bought these red leopard print biker boots from ASOS on a whim and I was beyond surprised with how much I fell in love with them. Shooting fashion content has been such a boost for my creativity within photography and choosing my outfits!

Two ASOS things in a row! I found this yellow denim coat in the sale when Stephen was buying a jacket and we wanted free delivery, aren’t we cheap! I planned to return the coat if I couldn’t find out what the characters on the back were depicting but after a few questions to the ASOS research team I was recently informed that the back of the jacket reads ‘female warrior’ in Japanese! It’s so comfy and cosy, the fluffy collar is detachable and it brings sunny yellow happiness to my outfits.

I had been eagerly waiting for Marmozets’ Knowing What You Know Now since I saw them in October. Play, Habits and Major System Error had previously been released as singles and I fell head over feels for every second of those tracks. Suffocation will be permanently in my ears for the foreseeable future, it’s hands down my favourite song from this album.

The Greatest Showman was the best modern musical I have ever witnessed. I went to see it twice in the cinema and I’d have happily gone more! I’m obsessed with the storyline, the songs are incredible and I even loved the kids singing at the start. (I usually cringe at children in musicals, I could’ve walked out of the cinema when I went to see Into The Woods). I’ve been listening to the soundtrack none stop since the second I left the cinema and it has become my go-to car karaoke playlist.

I’m not going to hold every month of 2018 to this standard, I know how volatile and unpredictable life is. I’m just grateful to have had such an amazing start to the new year!

What was your favourite thing January brought?

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