Traitor To My ‘Self’

I felt like a traitor when I first started wearing pink. I genuinely had an identity crisis. I had been the ‘alternative/goth/emo’ girl since I was eleven. Donning a wardrobe of exclusively black, namely the Criminal Damage skinny jeans with the skeleton hand prints on the back pockets that everyone had from Blue Banana. Teamed with band tees but only ever in black and my Doc Martens that were considered ‘lesbian boots’ by all of my peers that weren’t part of our ‘goth corner’ gang at high school.

Wearing more colour has changed the way I see the world, and I think it’s changed the way the world sees me. None of you will know the me that I once was, because when I began blogging I had already made the change to ginge!

This is in no way to drag my goth girls, goth and emo were the first movements that got me into fashion. I was considered goth for the majority of my life but that all changed when I dyed my hair ginger in the summer of 2017.

I hadn’t worn pink since my toddler days, probably the only thing about my fashion sense that had changed at all. Pinafore dresses and dungarees with t-bar Docs and slip on Vans have been my go-to look for a looooong time.

These trousers, believe it or not, are from Asda! I wouldn’t be surprised to see these in Topshop going for £50, I picked them up for a stunningly reasonable price of £14. Pink, corduroy and with real pockets just screams 90’s at me (my 90’s of course, being around 5 years old and wearing pretty much exactly these trousers).

I saw Megan Ellaby wearing this t-shirt, so I bought this t-shirt, a real Mean Girls moment. I’m a sucker for a slogan tee but when I saw the glitter, that was getting bought – no ifs, no buts!

I feel like I’m betraying my former self, but with every step out of my comfort zone I can feel myself growing up, nurturing my confidence, becoming braver by the day and figuring out who I want to be.

What do you think of the pink?!


  • We both felt the exact way when we wrote a post about pink coats not long ago! We went through that emo phase, black skinnies, studded belts and poker straight hair with massive side fringes! Now we’re older I think we appreciate colour a lot more, although 90% of our wardrobes are still black 😂😂.

    LOVE those trousers by the way, the colour is lovely and they go so well with the top

    -Rachel xxx

    • Thank you cutie pie!
      I miss the emo phase soooo muuuuch! xxx

  • I think you look freakin rad! Stepping out of the comfort zone is always going to result in growth, whether you stay out of it or step right back in. Loved reading this 😍

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