Everything Wrong With F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Netflix announced the arrival of Friends and although we all own the boxset, we are hyped!

Now now now, don’t get me wrong before we even start! Friends is my all time favourite show, I can watch any episode at any time and enjoy it to the full extent, and I definitely cannot say that about any other TV show.

BUT! And it’s a big but…

I have SO MANY issues I wanna talk about here. Mostly to do with Ross Geller.

That guy is a crap weasel. In high school he made an ‘I Hate Rachel’ group purely because he held an unrequited love for her. He has ‘nice guy’ syndrome. He won’t let his son play with Barbies. Acts like a massive condescending asshole to everyone, including his best friends – constantly belittling Joey for being ‘dumb’. He has severe trust issues, is disgustingly possessive, the least supportive when in a relationship and the most jealous character EVER. He made a pros and cons list to make a decision about a person he’s been in LOVE WITH SINCE HIGH SCHOOL! He said the wrong name at the alter (which I allow because Emily SUCKS). Oh and he fired the perfect nanny for his daughter literally because he was ‘sensitive’.

I know Friends is as old as I am, having first aired in 1994, but that is no excuse for such wanky behaviour, Ross, ya prick.

The slut shaming of Monica doesn’t really bother me too much as it’s clearly just playful chat between a group of friends and the character herself doesn’t appear upset by it but it’s still something that wouldn’t swing if the show were debuting in modern day.

Paolo legitimately sexually assaulted Phoebe. Again I am aware of the social and political differences between then and now. I mean, even I didn’t understand a butt grab as sexual assault until recent years.

Joey is misogynistic. Chandler is low key homophobic. Rachel is spoilt. Monica is manipulative. Phoebe is perfect in every way.

Also it’s kinda weird that 9/11 wasn’t acknowledged. At all, at any point.

All these character flaws have explanations and reasons (apart from Ross, who is just a wanker) and alas, it’s still the most widely loved TV show.

Wanna discuss how much of a douche Ross is? The library (comments section) is opeeeeen.


  • I love this post!! I always feel very weird not 100% loving Ross like everyone else does! Also, correct me if I’m wrong but I think 9/11 is mentioned. Granted it’s very briefly and in the DVD’s only but they mentioned how they had to change the ep that aired a week or so after 9/11 occurred because they didn’t want to be insensitive. But still, they totally should have mentioned it a lot more!! xx

    • I saw the deleted scene because of Chandlers bomb joke but I don’t think they actually mentioned it in any episodes!
      I always feel guilty for hating on Ross but he’s just the worst 😂xx

  • I’m not the biggest Friends fan ever like it’s okay, I like it, I used to watch it when I was younger but I never went through that Friends obsessed phase… so feel like I kinda can’t comment. But I was watching it the other day and I know what you mean!! I used to like Ross back in the day 😂😂


    • I never understand how people don’t watch it obsessively 😂

  • YAAAS – I’m so glad i found someone else who dislikes him!!

    My housemate reckons he’s her favourite character, I don’t think so.

    What do you think to it being added on Netflix? I know some people aren’t too happy because of the sexist jokes etc. The problems with friends are clear but like you say, it did come out in the 90’s.

    I think it’s good to watch it and be able to point out the issues, that shows progress right?

    Em x

    • I completely agree!!! I’m so happy they put it on Netflix so the generation after ours that didn’t grow up with it on E4 get to binge watch it.
      It’s being judged far too harshly though! X

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