December Favourites 2017

Ending 2017 and coming into 2018 I’m changing the way I do my monthly favourites. They’ll be becoming much shorter due to the fact that I vlog four days a week religiously now and I plan on writing a lot more on the blog instead of saving things for my end of the month roundup!

So here we go, the shortest favourites I’ll have ever done and hopefully the best.

I bought myself a li’l 23rd birthday present from Ellice Lydia. I never in my life thought I’d be able to find and afford a bralet lingerie set in my bra size but low and behold! This is the Aubrey set and I’ve definitely got my heart set on a few more, especially the Sapphire set as it’s also velvet and high waisted which I think suits me perfectly.

Becoming a brand ambassador for White Rabbit has encouraged me to stick to a skincare routine without wanting to give up. I’ve had problem skin since my teen years and I’m sick to death of people telling me to stop touching my face and drink more water. There’s a lot to problem skin, I have a hormone imbalance but I know that skincare does make a difference if used correctly. My current evening routine is SIX STEPS! I feel so high maintenance! I’m wanting to do a video on my YouTube channel about my skincare so I shan’t go into any further detail. (Psssst, you can use my discount code MEG15 for 15% off.)

I got this Miss Selfridge jumpsuit for Christmas from my wonderful mumma, we were Christmas shopping for others but we needed outfits for the festive season! It was in the sale for £22 and I fell in loooove. I haven’t chosen the greatest pictures to represent the piece but I will most definitely be doing a whole post on styling it so keep yer peepers out for that!

Jigsaw puzzles have taken over my life this winter. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Apart from the one piece I lost at some point from my Alice in Wonderland jigsaw that my nans thoughtfully got me for Christmas…

I commissioned Jemma from Dork Face Blog/Shop to do a custom illustration to gift to Stephen for Christmas (you can watch him opening it during my vlogmas!) and my goodness did she deliver. It’s perfect and I cannot wait to have this displayed in our first home together, when I eventually move back to Hull when I graduate.

Thank you for sticking out 2017 with me you cuties, see you on the new and improved Mystic Mogwai in 2018!

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