Life Lessons From Moomins With Photowall

“I only want to live in peace and plant potatoes and dream.” Moomins are and always have been very important to me so when Photowall got in touch wanting to reach out to you guys through me and my blog and – before even emailing back – I delved into their website looking through pages and pages of canvas print designs and wall mural patterns before falling head over heels for their selection of Moomin pieces! They had tonnes of Disney and Star Wars too so it was a difficult decision to make.

So as well as reviewing my canvas and Photowall in this post I will share with you five life lessons you can learn from Moomins. 

Lesson 1. ‘There’s no point in being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes.’

I’m gonna have crisps from breakfast and cereal at 3am and there’s nothing you can do about it ’cause I’m a grown up!!! I’ll watch cartoons in my Miffy pyjamas instead of making a doctors appointment or doing uni work because grown up things need to take a back seat occasionally. Child-like wonder disappears as you grow older, try to hang on to it or bring it back into aspects of your life before you wrinkle up like a raisin and forget how to smile.


My interaction with Photowall was wonderful, from receiving the initial e-mail until my canvas arrived I conversed with a lovely lady named Christine. I could tell she’d researched my and/or my blog a little as I tend to work with environmentally friendly brands AND she correctly used my name and my blogs name which was so refreshing as sometimes I get emails from brands that don’t even realise that I’m from the UK… My canvas arrived SO FAST that I couldn’t believe it and they even do free UK delivery!

Lesson 2. ‘I think I look wonderful, even though my legs are a little short.’

Nobody is 100% perfectly happy with their appearance and they don’t have to be. But what I think everybody should be is capable of appreciating themselves. My boobs are too big, my lips are too small but you know what? Sometimes I wear a particular outfit or put my makeup on and I’m all daaaaaamn girl you look good. Every person needs those moments, they build confidence and they boost happiness and that’s important!


So! A little background info on Photowall as a company and a little persuasion to shop environmentally friendly this festive season;

They’re a Swedish brand who sell wall murals and canvas prints working with photographers, artists and designers from all over the world. Everything is made to order which means that they only produce the quantity of products required, nothing is held in stock and the printing ink they use for wallpapers contains no solvents or hazardous chemicals, and is biodegradable.

If you choose to shop with Photowall you’re also supporting Swedish aid organisation Vi Agroforestry. Every year they plant 5,000 trees in the area around Lake Victoria, eastern Africa. The trees help to fight poverty, improve the environment and combat climate change.

Lesson 3. ‘There’s no need to imagine that you’re a wondrous beauty, because that’s what you are.’

You are wonderful. You are amazing. You are capable. You are smart. OWN IT.


The canvases are shipped rolled up in a box containing everything needed for assembly. I LOVE D.I.Y. so putting my frame together was so much fun and I felt like I’d accomplished something and had a sense of pride. Included in the box was a piece of paper with images depicting the six steps you needed to follow to put together your canvas, a list of the contents and the six step process written out, going into more detail than the images.

Lesson 4. ‘Making a journey by night is more wonderful than anything in the world.’

People always say that nothing good happens after 2am. I think they’re wrong! Amazing things can happen after dark. I only enjoy travelling when it’s dark, it seems so magical. Trains are romantic in the dark, driving is more freeing in the dark, walking with loved ones under the stars is so beautiful. Productivity levels fall in Winter as the days get shorter and the nights get longer but that shouldn’t be an excuse, embrace the wonder of darkness and get going!


They have even been so amazing as to gift all of you wonderful humans with a 20% off code that can be used up until the 21st January 2018! Just enter pwmysticmogwaicampaign2017 at the checkout. If you want to see how I put my canvas together skip to 25 minutes in my most recently weekend vlog!

Lesson 5. ‘All things are so very uncertain, and that’s exactly what makes me feel reassured.’

Nobody really has their shit together. Nobody knows what they’re doing. It’s okay! You can only plan so much of your life, nothing is certain so try not to worry so much.


I hope you enjoyed this Photowall review, let me know if you order anything for Christmas and I hope you take these Moomin life lessons on board!

Lots of love,

sign off

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