Becoming A White Rabbit Skin Care Brand Ambassador

This one if you all you cruelty free cuties out there!


I first became aware of White Rabbit Skin Care a few months ago on Instagram, their bio piqued my interest reading ‘natural, vegan, handmade skincare’ as I’ve been cruelty free for a number of years now but hadn’t yet found my holy grail skin care brand.

When I saw that Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series) was a fan, that was it, I was on board! And as if luck would have it, the brand were looking for ambassadors and posted on Instagram that to be taken into consideration for an ambassador role, they were looking for bloggers to comment on their post with a reason as to why they should choose you. On the 16th of October I was announced as one of the lucky ones!


I received my first brand ambassador pack last week which contained an information pack, a lovely hand written note explaining the contents and my discount code, a tote bag and a flannel along with the products!

My absolute favourite thing about independent businesses is the amount of effort and thought put into their products, packaging and communication. Lucy is the marketing assistant for White Rabbit does such a wonderful job, she’s been lovely to communicate with and I’d feel more than comfortable getting in touch with her if I had any questions or queries.


Melanie Blane is the creator of White Rabbit Skin Care and finding out that she started the brand due to her psoriasis diagnosis fills me with confidence that she knows exactly what she’s doing! My pet peeve in talking skincare is when people who haven’t dealt with problem skin try giving me tips like ‘drink more water’ when realistically, that doesn’t make much of a difference to people with hormone imbalances (like myself) and skin conditions like psoriasis.


I’ll get into the day pack products that I’ve been sent and give you my first impressions…

Comfort Cleansing Balm (100ml)

‘Shea butter, eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender essential oils for softer, smoother skin.’

First of all, I am so happy that all of the packaging for all of the products is made from 100% recycled materials AND the fact that a facecloth (flannel) is included with this product is fantastic.

The texture of balms is my absolute faaaavourite, they just feel so restorative so I’m super excited to use this every morning. The ‘How To Use’ directions on the back of the packaging read; ‘Massage a small amount of this balm into dry skin, before gently removing with a hand-hot, damp cloth to reveal beautiful glowing skin! Finish with a splash of cold water and follow up with a toner and moisturiser. Can be used carefully round the eyes.’


Lime & Coconut Cleansing Water (200ml)

‘Cleanses, nourishes and removes all makeup, with no need to rinse. For all skin types.’

A new makeup remover is SO welcome in my life, I’ve been using the Superdrug own brand Vitamin E micellar water for around a month and it has been irritating my skin to the point of my eyebrow hairs falling out.

The coconut and lime scents will be so refreshing and energising for those rushed mornings where I don’t have time to wash my face and will just run a quick cotton pad of the cleansing water over my skin.


Orange & Aloe Toner (100ml)

‘Soothes and revitalises with sweet orange, aloe vera and glycerine. For all skin types.’

THE SMELL, OH ME OH MY THE SMELL! Orange is my favourite colour and my favourite smell (although weirdly I don’t like oranges, I once ate a bad one and it’s scarred me for life) so of course I am obsessed with the smell of this toner.

This product comes in a spray bottle as it can be used at any time of the day as a refreshing facial spritz, as the reverse of the packaging tells me!


Rosehip & Camellia Day Cream (100ml)

‘For sensitive skin.’

This product is the only one out of the four with a ‘use by’ date, however it has over a year of shelf life, needing to be used by December 2018. I did spill this product all over myself and my bed when I was unboxing my package in my vlog but now my leggings and bed sheets smell lovely!

The ‘How To Use’ directions on the back of the packaging read; ‘Massage into clean skin after cleansing and toning. Apply carefully with firm, upwards stroking motions over the face and neck.’


I cannot wait to see how my skin responds to these products (that have definitely been handmade with love) and if any of them have sparked an interest in you, have 15% off on me with the code ‘MEG15’!

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