Blogtography Tips Vol 3: Lenses, How To Choose & Use Them

And the end of August I posted my first ‘Blogtography’ post ‘A Beginners Guide To Using A DSLR’ and in the following months I’ve become accustomed to the idea of becoming a college/sixth form photography teacher and it’s because of these posts.

Sharing my knowledge to help educate people who are interested in photography is the best feeling and to always have that feeling through a career is definitely the direction I want my life to be heading in.

Now, let’s talk lenses!

Hands down, the question I get asked the most when people see my pictures is ‘what lens did you use?’ Usually my answer is my nifty fifty millimetre, but recently I’ve been getting the same question about photos taken on my phone or my point and shoot camera that I use for vlogging. This has basically proven that, realistically, a lens isn’t going to make your photographs look good if they aren’t.

I shoot weddings, like full on thirteen hour day weddings with two cameras, one with a 50mm and one with a 18-55mm kit lens. If you are a good photographer, you don’t need fancy expensive lenses. Don’t waste money on a new lens if you don’t know how to use a kit lens.

I’d say a basic kit would consist of a 50mm (close up portrait lens), 35mm (full length portrait lens), 18-55mm (standard kit lens), and a 75-300mm (zoom lens) as well as some lighting bits like an external flash or an on-camera ring light. I say this because that’s exactly what my camera bag contains. At one point I had about four or five more lenses than that but I simply didn’t use them.

From weddings to outfit photos, I use the same kit. You know why? Because I know how to use it! Knowing your kit is 90% more likely to result in a good photograph than a big ass £1,000 lens that you’ve no idea what to do with. Every single portrait in this post was taken with a 50mm lens. The nifty fifty is the lord and saviour of photography in my eyes!

Always try before you buy, ask questions whenever you see a photograph that you love, lighting is key and do your research!!!

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