Marmozets @ The Welly Club, Hull – 17.10.2017

2018 is gonna be the year of the weird and wonderful Marmozets. Their new album ‘Knowing What You Know’ will be available from 26th January 2018 and that date cannot come soon enough, blimey. They played some new material and it’s left an itch under my skin that I cannot scratch for another 98 days! 

Now let’s talk about the venue… I’ve worked at Welly for almost four years, I started out working every night they were open when I was 19 and they kept me on when I accepted my university place so I only work there seasonally when I’m back in Hull or covering shifts. I love Welly, it was where I went on nights out every single week when I first turned 18 (I daren’t try and get in underage) so I leapt at the chance to work there after being offered a trial shift having worked on the bar at Freedom Festival in the summer. Welly, Adelphi and Fruit are hands down the best music venues in Hull, every single gig I’ve been to in these places has been insane. In Welly alone I’ve seen Reverend and the Makers, Cancer Bats and now Marmozets!

If you’re not familiar with Marmozets; they formed in 2007 in West Yorkshire, the band consists of Rebecca ‘Becca’ Macintyre (vocalist), Jack Bottomley (guitarist), Sam Macintyre (guitarist/vocalist), Will Bottomley (bassist/vocalist), and Josh Macintyre (drummer). And, yes they are two sets of siblings!

Becca gives zero fucks. She is a woman after my own heart and I fell in LOVE with her bass face almost as much as her voice. I was NOT expecting her vocals to be as impressive live as they were, like, I’m still reeling… She’s the embodiment of girl power rock n roll, despite being the only gal in the band, and it made me so happy to be wearing my leather jacket and double sole docs. I’m so bringing my fishnet top back out of the back of my wardrobe and wearing it under everything.


Now let’s talk about the gig… It was on a Tuesday but the atmosphere felt like a Friday night (that fucked up the rest of my week), the doors opened at 19:30 but myself and my wonderful dad Pat Moz rocked up around 20:30/21:00 as we weren’t too fussed about the support act and we ended up getting stuck in traffic because of some absolute idiot throwing bricks off a hotel roof. We arrived at Welly, had a chat with a few bouncers, I caught up with my friend Caitlyn who was working the merch stand and spent £15 on a t-shirt, then we made our way over to the bar. I stocked up on a couple of Cans of Hooch and dad just had a cider as he was driving us back home after and we wandered off to find our prime viewing and dancing location. (Oh and the tickets only cost £12, like, WHAT?!)

They opened with ‘Play’ at just gone nine and continuing with ‘Move, Shake, Hide’ the audience was SO INTO IT! The only other time I’ve seen a live audience so immersed in the music was when I went to see Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes at Riverside in Newcastle.

LET ME TELL YOU HOW WONDERFUL ‘HURRICANE’ IS, IT IS AN ABSOLUTE BANGER! I need it to come out as a single ASAP because I cannot wait ’til January to hear it again. I can’t even process the rest of the setlist, I was just enjoying myself sooo much watching the rest of the audience shouting at the top of their lungs along with every word out of Becca’s mouth. It was such a good show, atmosphere and crowd. Nobody got violent which is nice but rare nowadays, even the mosh pit was friendly! Good clean fun, just with a fuck tonne of swearing.

They closed with ‘Why Do You Hate Me’ , Becca crowdsurfed like a badass and we all got a little sweaty.

I met up with a few of my friends after and we took this picture together (below), Chelsea’s mum seemed to think I was the vocalist… Apparently I look cool enough to be in a band (HAH!) I’ll take it!


Their music takes me back to my reckless teen years, wanting to jump up and down and flail my arms all over, scream every lyric whilst wearing ripped fishnets, roughed up docs and an XXL band t-shirt as a dress. Although they only appeared on the scene in 2014 on the release of their debut album ‘The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets’ I get transported back to sneaking into clubs underage and house parties not unlike episodes of ‘Skins.’


  1. Play
  2. Move, Shake, Hide
  3. Is It Horrible
  4. Suffocation (LIVE PREMIERE!)
  5. Captivate You
  6. Particle
  7. Meant To Be (LIVE PREMIERE!)
  8. Born Young and Free
  9. Major System Error
  10. Hit the Wave
  11. Habits
  12. Back to You
  13. Why Do You Hate Me?



But yeah, I think the highlight of my night was getting this… quite frankly wonderful photo with Sam! He was just casually wandering around the entrance/exit taking photos with anyone that asked, what an angel.

All that’s left to say really is…


sign off


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