5 Astoundingly Autumnal Gifts For The Festive Season with Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods are working to make the world a better place by making the gifting process greener by being kinder and more considerate as well as being a socially aware company that are fighting the good fight. The production process of the items sold on their site have never harmed animals or humans, and they have even created the Better To Give program in which their customers can opt to donate money to a non-profit organisation of their choice at checkout.

The worst thing for me as a consumer is seeing how little big corporations care about the planet, like sending tiny products in unnecessarily humongous packaging?! It’s ridiculous. That’s why businesses like Uncommon Goods are important to keep alive.

The guys from Uncommon Goods reached out to me to collaborate on this sponsored post to talk about CHRISTMAS!!! Yes, I said Christmas. The most wonderful time of the year! I knooooow it’s October and Hallowe’en hasn’t even gone by yet (don’t get me wrong, I am obsessed with Hallowe’en) but if I’m offered an opportunity to talk about Christmas… I’m gonna!

I’ve spent a fair amount of time on the Uncommon Goods website to accumulate my genius idea of an Autumn themed Christmas gift list! Everything I’ve selected is available for UK shipping and all of the products have their very own life story which I think is so lovely and ensures that their customers know exactly where the gifts come from.

Collections are available for easy browsing so even if you’re like me and have a particular method to the madness of online shopping, it’s useful AFFFFF. Dads are the woooorst to buy for as are men in general so the fact that Uncommon Goods accumulated all of their suitable products into shopping genres is definitely a good move, especially for those not well versed in the art of internet shopping – looking at you, mum (there’s also a collection for those angels!

The list of gifts I’ve gathered up are varied in price from very affordable to spendy AF as well as being gender neutral so could be given to any of your loved ones for the festive season (yes, even the necklace) so let’s kick off with my absolute favourite thing on their site, I am IN LOVE with this Alice in Wonderland blanket from the kids section.


These shadow projectors are such a lovely idea, I would love to receive a gift like this, I’d consider them being marketed towards a teen/adult audience as a child could possibly find them frightening as they are illuminated by a candle and the shadow would flicker with the flame.


I adore these candles that melt away to reveal a skeleton, they’re wonderful, I’d buy this as a gift for someone quite alternative (I hate that word but it fits!), a friend or maybe a family member that appreciates the slightly creepier candle.


I loooove this print, it has a lovely story told by the creator, Lisa Lewis and it would work as a gift for anyone that appreciates art or that has a hallway that needs art!


Now, this piece of jewellery is expensive but it’s beautifully crafted and if you’re the sort with deep pockets; it’s perfect for your mother or nana maybe, it’s a mature piece but very elegant.


Please consider buying eco this festive season and try your best to support local businesses!!!

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