‘You’re A Virgin Who Can’t Drive’

Well half of the title is true… Today, Thursday 5th October, I failed my driving test for the second time.

For the second time my driving instructor told me that I’m ‘taking it very well.’ I didn’t cry either time I was told I failed, both times I said thank you to the examiner gave them a smile and moved into the passenger seat to be driven home by my instructor.

We’d chat about what went wrong on the journey home and I’d find the silver linings like how in the first test I only got three minors when the average is eight and how in the second one I did my manoeuvre perfectly but I knew I was just trying to cheer myself up.

I suppose this blog post is a lesson to remind myself to not give up. I took my theory test three times at 17 and failed, took it again at 20 and passed (it then expired, whoops) and I took it again at 22 and passed with flying colours and excited to book another practical (failed one before my last theory expired).

I expected to fail my first practical test, I’m an anxious person at all times but I got weirdly calm on the day of my test but as soon as I was told to do a parallel park I knew I would fail. I was proud of my three minors, I felt accomplished and ready to take on my next test!

Today arrived, the same weird calm as before, I felt confident from start to end where we finished up in the test centre car park doing a reverse bay park which I executed perfectly but then those sorrowful words came tumbling out of the examiners mouth ‘I’m sorry to tell you…’ and I felt rubbish.

I was so focused on doing my manoeuvre that I just assumed the rest of my drive had gone wonderfully whereas in fact it had not. Four minors, one serious. Almost dangerous but I reacted quickly and safely, which I thought would have just been a minor but alas, here I am, still not a pink license holder.

But my next test is booked for November and I swear even if it takes me another five years, I’m gonna get there. Be proud of yourself always, don’t be hard on yourself, nurture how you’re feeling, embrace your emotions.

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  • It took me a year and 2 months of doing practical tests and I genuinely can’t remember whether I passed on my 8th, 9th or 10th time round. Anxiety ruined it for my everytime but I don’t look back one bit now. You’ll get there lovely, glad you’re not giving up!

    • It’s so wonderful that you never gave up! Thank you so much, I’ll definitely keep going! X

  • Sorry to hear Meg. As you know I just recently failed my theory so I kind of know how you’re feeling. It’s so frustrating when you know you can do the thing…but you fail for silly reasons anyway. You will pass soon I am sure. Wishing you luck x

    • Good luck for your next try my love, it absolutely sucks but we’re resilient babes 💖 thank you! X

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