September Favourites 2017

Wake Me Up When September Ends was written for a reason, what a weird month. It started out incredible, wonderful day out for Freedom Festival, a holiday away with my family and Stephen having the best time, being all loved up for our third anniversary and my first ever blogger event the launch night of Atik nightclub.

Theeeeeen I come back to Sunderland, super excited to get stuck into my third year of uni, looking forward to seeing Sam and to have my space back but that was short lived. If you watch my vlogs you’ll know why! But let’s get all happy again now pls and talk about my favourite things that September brought my way.


Lifestyle & Homeware

I’ve recently posted a life update so here’s a collage of pics from the month of September instead! And homeware can do one until my kitchen is finished.


Technology & Music

73 Questions With on Vogue’s YouTube channel is wonderful, in particular Emma Stone’s. You really get a feel of their personality, a lot of them made me realise that not all celebrities are actually interesting but the rest made my heart swell!

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 21.00.06

Okay so the bits of music I’ve been obsessed with this month have been odd. According to my Spotify history it’s mainly KPop and Ska in the areas of Reel Big Fish and BTS… And I rekindled my love for Seth Lakeman (who I once met in a field when I was about 13).


Tv, Movies, Books & Art 

This totally counts as a book, I got an album printed for the most recent wedding I photographed and I love it. I designed it all myself and I’m so chuffed with the outcome.



Alythuh creates the most incredible art. Like, incredible. Mind blowing. Just, look!



Primark’s false nails have impressed me and others so much that I’ve on multiple occasions been asked where I got my nails done when realistically I’d stuck them on myself and had only cost me a quid!

I Heart Makeup fixing spray smells like marzipan and I am obsessed, best setting spray I have everrrrrr used and it was only £5 from Superdrug!



Clothing & Accessories 

My pink fluffy Primark sliders were a couple of quid in the sale and since not having any slippers they’ve become incredibly useful – especially taking the bins out and walking around in my kitchen as it currently does not have a floor! I always thought they were ridiculous and I laughed at them in shops, bought these on a whim and they look so CUTE with my tattoos!


As soon as Autumn hit and I was back in my cosy (yes it’s a bit fucked right now but still cosy) flat I yearned for that perfect Autumn jumper and I found it immediately in Primark. £13 is on the pricier end of the spectrum of Primark but it’s soooo worth it, I’d not be surprised to see this exact jumper in Zara or Topshop for £30!* The colour and texture are perfect and I don’t doubt I’ll still be wearing this in the Autumns of 2018 and 2019 too at least.


*I went shopping today and saw it in New Look for twice the price and someone tweeted me saying they’d bought a more expensive version in Zara!

As always, if you blog or YouTube monthly favourites please send me links! Cya in October for which will most likely be a Hallowe’eny landslide of posts.

sign off


  • Love your faves! And I have the New Look version of that jumper! Super soft and cosy. I’m so happy chenille is everywhere atm as I had a chenille jumper when I was a kid and it was just my favourite thing! X

    • Aw I’m so happy you enjoyed it! Sooo many people asked if mine was New Look 😂 I saw the New Look one today too and they are almost exactly the same aha, I always wondered what this material was called! It gives me serious 90s vibes! 💕

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