Blogtography Tips Vol 2: Dos And Do Nots

I don’t know about you but I’m sick of reading ‘The Ultimate Guide To Perfect Blog Photos’ posts and they all say the same thing. ‘Get this app, use this iPhone, buy this thing, get props’ etc. Those can be helpful but that’s not why I’m here. This isn’t a guide to the perfect flatlay, this isn’t a list of marble and rose gold props you can buy, this isn’t a suggestion of styling or of editing apps.

I’m here to actually talk about some photography tips and advice that will improve your photo taking abilities, not just your social media.


1. Know your camera.

I mean it. Get to know the camera you use, whether it be an iPhone, a Canon DSLR, a compact point and shoot, a bridge or even a disposable camera or polaroid. Learn how to use it in any weather condition, any level of light, for portraits, for landscapes, for flatlays, for close ups. Research the technical talk, it will help you so much with learning to use your camera if you know what aperture, shutter speed, ISO and f/stop mean. Learn what each lens can do and how you can utilise them for the best results.

For a deeper understanding, have a read of Blogtography Vol 1 which you can find here!

2. Do not waste money!

Only buy equipment you know you will use. Don’t buy a tonne of lighting or lenses unless you know exactly what they do and what you will use them for. Even then, borrow the equipment from a store or a friend or uni/college/school to test out before investing a lot of money into something you may not even use!

3. Do research!

Whether it be on Pinterest, Instagram, libraries, magazines, articles, books, YouTube, interviews, do some research! Research cameras, lenses, lighting and read reviews. Research editing techniques, look up poses, investigate locations, scrutinise, experiment, test, analyse – put some thought into your shoots!!!

4. Do not rely on Instagram!

Sadly, I get very put out when my Instagram posts don’t do very well. Since the algorithm changed my engagement is only 20% of what it used to be and it seriously got me down. I stopped posting because I was uninspired and felt invisible. I’ve had a ‘theme’ of posting three ‘at a time’ since October 2014 – before I blogged and before I knew Instagram accounts could even have themes! This is purely because I look at my own Instagram more than any other account and I like the grids to be in a nice order, I’m picky! But I don’t judge other accounts for having or not having a theme, if I like your content I will follow you and I’m sure most others are the same so try not to worry too much! If you think your photos are good, be proud, don’t rely on approval from your followers.


It has taken me years of photographing to become properly brave, when I first started out I was terrified to even ask people I knew to model for me but if you want to take portraits, ask your friends, family, partner, strangers in the street! If you want to take landscapes, go adventuring with your camera! If you want photographers to take photos of you for your blog, your social medias, any reason at all, ask them! Enquire about prices, negotiate and make plans to check out locations and take pictures!

I hope this post was helpful and motivational! Stay tuned for ‘Blogtography’ Vol 3 xo

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