Atik Hull Launch | Review

On the 15th of September, myself and my lovely friend Jordan along with four other bloggers were invited to attend the launch of a new nightclub in Hull. Where Sugarmill used to be, now stands Atik nightclub, located on the waterfront near the marina.

We were contacted by Lime Green PR company via Twitter, they popped our names on a VIP list and it was all organised really easily, we didn’t have to sort out anything ourselves apart from transport there and back.

Jordan arrived at my house for a li’l bit of pre-drinking (which may have included a Quorn bacon sandwich) and a mini shoot in the driveway before we set off. I wore a dress from Primark that I picked up for £5 in the sale, a rather damaged pair of fishnet tights, my Lazy Oaf x Dr Martens Jungle Boots and my ‘leather’ jacket from Tesco.


Makeup: Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation, Anastasia Beverley Hills Dip Brow Pomade on brows, Primark Bronze palette eyeshadow, Urban Decay Perversion eyeliner & mascara, MUA bronzer, Primark highlight, Lime Crime velvetine liquid lipstick in Buffy.

The beautiful future Mrs Taylor looked the picture of sophisticated clubber, casually glamorous in her mostly Primark outfit! (Can you tell we love Primark?)


I can’t waaaait to shoot properly with our lady Jord, these were just a quick set of pics for Instagram in the short amount of time we had before going out.

We arrived at Atik shortly after 9pm (as instructed, we are aware of how insanely early that is!) and weren’t surprised to be part of the first handful of patrons inside. I was concerned to notice that nobody had their bags checked on the way in but later on in the night I had a peek out of the window to find the bouncers thoroughly checking everyone upon their entrance to the club.

Now, let’s talk about the toilets. Incredible. Having the condition I have, toilets are a very important key factor in me being able to enjoy a night out. They were clean, brand new, they had hooks on the back of the stall doors, lit well and the mirrors were indeed plentiful! The only thing I didn’t like was the style of toilet roll, they had the ‘pull out one square of thin tissue at a time’ devices mounted onto the walls but hey ho, better than nothing!

We walked in onto the ground floor named ‘Vinyl’, this is the 80s, 90s and noughties room and my goodness me they played anthem after anthem. I was living my best life dancing on a multicoloured light-up dance floor to Hey Mickey.

Unfortunately we couldn’t spend the whole night on that floor as our designated booth was upstairs on the R&B floor. We did have to wait two and a half hours (we still don’t know why) until we had access to our table and drinks vouchers, which meant we had to pay for our own drinks until then but of course I didn’t, ’cause I’m stingy AF and poor.

To apologise for our wait and very much to our delight, we were presented with a laminated card which resembled our drinks tokens… This laminated card was the answer to our dreams. Unlimited. Free. Drinks. All. Night. For all of us!! Not only that, but table service! We didn’t even have to queue at the bar! The girl who brought us our drinks was the sweetest, she was so lovely and I made sure to let her know how much we appreciated her service and to not worry, rush or stress about anything.


Once we were settled that was it, no more hiccups, no more feeling awkward or apprehensive, pure drunken joy. I danced like a loon, sang like the tone deaf wonder I am and had so much fun. I bumped into quite a few people I went to school with and hadn’t seen for aaaages as well which was really lovely.

Jordan and myself were feeling quite trepidatious about going, we’re more on the ‘alternative’ end of the going out out spectrum. We weren’t fan of Sugarmill at all, I went once at 17 and hated it so much I never went back! Atik is definitely an improvement on the place it once was and the Vinyl floor is a breath of fresh air for Hull as we don’t have anything similar in any other local clubs.


For a better idea of the atmosphere and to listen to my drunken ramblings, head over to my YouTube channel and watch the first ten minutes of my new vlog!


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