10 Wonderful Alice In Wonderland Tattoos

There are SO MANY shite Alice in Wonderland tattoos. So many.

Mine is by far the best though, of course.

I have trawled through #aliceinwonderlandtattoo on Instagram for AGES and compiled a collection of good Alice tattoos.


Chelsea Matthews from Holier Than Thou tattoo studio in Manchester, UK does a lot of cartoon and watercolour work, on her Instagram account there are a tonne of Disney, Studio Ghibli and Pokemon designs.


Tony Tatu, owner of Golden Era tattoo studio in Los Angeles, USA seems to specialise in script from looking at his Instagram. This Alice design stands out on his account as it’s nothing at all like the other tattoos he posts which are very tribal, I’m getting a nineties tattoo culture feel.


Lady Chappelle works between London and Birmingham and specialises in watercolour, the majority of her designs are Disney and they’re absolutely stunning – I’d 100% recommend you go check out her Instagram! If I were ever to get any colour tattoos (which I highly doubt) I would without a doubt be coming straight to her!


Moritz Piwon from Tattoo-Family-Eisenhauer Tatowierungen und Piercing in Wangelist, Germany appears to have no particular style but does pretty much everything! There are two posts I’m besotted with on his Instagram, a Peter Pan portrait and a similar one of Captain Hook which I’d definitely urge you to check out!


Alessio Favre from Eternal Tattoo Studio of Silvano Fiato in Italy has two polar opposite styles according to his Instagram, very dark intricate realism and adorable watercolour Disney. I think this particular Alice tattoo is my favourite from this list, despite water colour tattoos often looking too similar to others, this one stands out to me. I always find it incredibly impressive when tattoo artists have insane skill in more than one tattoo genre.


Kat Michme originally from Germany and now working in Brighton, UK and Blind Pig Tattoo Club. This tattoo design is an anomaly of stunning work amongst not so impressive work, there are occasional pieces on her Instagram that are lovely but none leap out to me like this Cheshire Cat/wildflower tattoo. It has 100% inspired me to get the quote tattooed on myself somewhere!


Kadee Spangler of Lady Liberty tattoo studio in Saint Paul Park, Minnesota, USA does such fun pieces, her Instagram is rife with cute, clever and funny designs with a fair amount of Disney! Her style isn’t for me tattoo wise but I have followed her account so I can appreciate the art.


Daniela Sguera posted her tattoo on her Instagram but I cannot find the artist anywhere! I absolutely love this Alice portrait, the art deco frame is very pretty and the shading detail on Alice’s face I find really beautiful.


Virginie.B from La Brûlerie Tattoo in Nanterre, France has the most incredible and distinguishable style of tattooing, her sketches are insanely beautiful and I have become obsessed with her. This Alice tattoo is unlike any other I’ve ever seen, it’s so unique and you can tell within seconds of looking at it that she’s made Alice hers as apposed to creating something in the usual Disney/Tim Burton or the original illustration style. 100% my favourite account that I’ve discovered from this list – go follow!!!


Lesmorganismes from Blossom Tattoo in Fourvieres, France has a very specific style. Quite etch-like, sketchy and grey, exactly the kind that catch my eye! I love this white rabbit tattoo, it’s so CUTE and FLUFFY.

I love writing tattoo related content, I’ll probably find another theme to make a list out of soon!sign off



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