Cruelty Free Ginger Gal – A Superdrug Hair Dye Review

I get a fair amount of questions about my hair, asking if it’s my natural colour or enquiring about which dyes I use. I felt a great deal of shame in answering with brands that aren’t cruelty free such as L’Oreal and Garnier, I’d just pick up whatever was cheapest in supermarkets as I couldn’t afford to order cruelty free brands online. The rest of my beauty/skincare routine is 100% cruelty free and finding a hair dye was the finishing move!


The stars aligned and my local Superdrug had a ginger colour in (finally, I had been looking for a while)!!! I picked up Superdrug’s own brand Colour Vibrance hair dye this week in Mango Copper Burst for £2.99. Yes £2.99. Under £3 for a hair dye. £4.49 is the usual price but even that is a lot less than other brands, even on sale!


This is what about six weeks of root regrowth looks like for me, the very front hairs on my hairline come through white and the rest a mid-mousey brown. I don’t bleach my roots before applying the colour or lighten them in any way, I just pop the dye straight onto them and let it develop for ten minutes longer than the lengths of my hair, in total I left the dye on for 40 minutes.


I usually find with hair dye that the colour changes after drying but it has stayed just as vibrant as it was after application. I’m beyond impressed, fingers crossed it’ll be another six to eight weeks before I need to top it up!

Comparing this dye to others I’ve used I’d give it a solid 8/10, I’d definitely recommend it to my pals. The gloves are large of course, all dye gloves are but they don’t fall off my tiny baby hands and are actually relatively comfortable. The formula was runny at first but solidified a little into the perfect consistency after a couple of minutes. The conditioner is the only let down, it leaves a lot of built up product around my scalp leaving a greasy looking effect but I’ll 100% be using this as my holy grail hair dye!

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  • This looks great! How well does it last? I find ginger dyes tend to wash out and fade so quickly! The colour looks amazing though x

    • I’m currently in Center Parcs on holiday and I’ve been swimming for like 4 hours a day for 3 days and it hasn’t faded at all so far! X

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