Freedom Festival 2017!

Hull’s art, like all art, is what will promote us and show us to ourselves, both the dark side and the light. Because art is the imagination, and everything that we’ve ever built began in the imagination. Ultimately, imagination is the engine of humanity, and so a festival of the arts, like Freedom Festival, is a celebration of humanity” Lemn Sissay MBE, poet, playwright, author.


Freedom Festival is described as an ‘urban arts’ festival where all us locals turn up to soak in that there culture!


I’m not going to go into tremendous detail as I’ve linked my vlog at the end of this post but I shall recap our day. Freedom Festival actually started on the Friday and ended on the Sunday but we only attended the Saturday.


We watched a fantastic French band that cycled around playing their instruments (there’s a clip in the vlog that is well worth watching, we saw a prosecco cycle-train with an opera singer bringing up the rear in Queens Gardens and Humber Street was jam packed with happy humans.


My favourite part of the day was going on ‘The Trip’ and seeing some incredible dinosaur stilt walkers, I love Hull with my whole heart.


Here’s my weekend vlog for those who are more interested!

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